NCHPED launches online lecture series on medical education

Peking: The opening forum of an online lecture series on medical education was broadcast live on June 2, which was watched by an audience of nearly 60,000. Two thirds of the viewers were faculty members, medical professionals and administrators coming from over 500 medical schools and hospitals, and the others represented over 200 peripheral organizations involved in the field.

The lecture series was co-sponsored by the National Center for Health Professions Education Development, and the other co-sponsor was the newly established National Association for Education Development of Medical Faculties which saw its inauguration at the opening forum.

As the first event of the lecture series, the opening forum, which was themed “Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind: Reflection and Reform of Medical Education in a New Era”, featured keynote speeches by Chair Lin Huiqing of MoE Expert Committee for Medical Education, Executive Vice President Dong Jiahong of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, President Zhan Qimin of Peking University Health Science Center, and Dean Chen Chunhua of Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) at PKU National School of Development.

The opening forum received widespread acclaim among the viewers. Going forward, the lecture series will feature more medical educationalists and stage exchanges among medical educators around the country.

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