NCPA to host The Jamshed Bhabha Memorial Lecture to celebrate the legacy of its illustrious founder on his 107th birth anniversary on 21st August 2021

New Delhi: The National Centre for the Performing Arts is a culmination of the vision and conviction of the legendary philanthropist and patron of the arts, Dr. Jamshed Jehangir Bhabha, who saw India’s need for an all-encompassing world-class performing arts centre when it was still a young independent nation. On 21st August, the NCPA will commemorate the 107th birth anniversary of Dr. Bhabha by presenting the Jamshed Bhabha Memorial Lecture, wherein every year, a distinguished speaker from diverse disciplines is invited to speak on art and culture and allied fields. In the 2021 edition of the series, eminent physician and author Dr Farokh E. Udwadia will deliver a special lecture on ‘Art and Mankind’ and discuss why art deserves a place of importance in all human endeavours. Dr. Udwadia’s love of art and literature has been a constant companion and guide in his distinguished career spanning six decades.


Explaining how art and human existence are inseparably linked, Dr. Udwadia said, “Art is the breath, smiles and tears of all mankind. When life climbed its evolutionary ladder to become human, art became part of what’s human. You cannot separate art from mankind. It is a great communicator and brings people, societies and countries together. Art and science are the two pillars which have marked the ascent of man from prehistory to present times. It is indeed the balance between art and science that will determine the future of civilisation.”


The lecture will focus on his profound interpretation of the importance of art in everyday life. Dr. Udwadia intends to give the audience an overview of the visual and performing arts and literature, and take them through themes such as music and the mind, the general apathy towards art, and the need to inculcate a love of the arts from a tender age.


Speaking about the upcoming lecture, Mr Khushroo N. Suntook, Chairman, NCPA, said, “Dr. Bhabha spoke most admiringly of his friend and doctor of choice Dr. Farokh Udwadia. They were in many ways kindred souls — two personalities with largely the same values and philosophy of life. Dr. Udwadia, who needs no introduction, is not only a distinguished physician but also a personality who embraces the city with his extraordinarily prominent contribution to it. His love of art and music must be mentioned, particularly music, which he makes a part of his life in spite of his extremely busy schedule. The lecture will be streamed online and can be viewed all over India and the world. I hope people will listen and react to what I am sure will be an inspirational lecture.”


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