NCPA@home presents a Jam Session, finale to the NCPA International Jazz Festival ’18, consisting of 15 International Jazz and Blues Artists sharing one stage!

This Thursday, 28th May at 6.00 pm NCPA@home presents a unique show which will witness 15 international Jazz and Blues artists jamming with each other one stage! This magical performance by two Latin bands and three traditional and contemporary Jazz bands was a part of the NCPA International Jazz Festival ’18 finale.

Members of Latin bands, Los Gatos and the Brazilian Samba Express shared the stage for the finale of NCPA International Jazz Festival’18 performing well known Latin Jazz numbers whilst improvising on them. The face-off between the percussionists from Cuba, Brazil and Panama will enthral the viewers who have never heard the likes of this confrontation! Further, members of the Clifford Brown band, MND FLO and Ari Roland’s Quartet combined to play this rousing finale. Three jazz classic tunes were on display, but with a blues touch. Expect to hear All Blues and Bag’s Groove at this set, amongst other popular Jazz standards.

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Performing Musicians:

  1. Chris Byars – Tenor Saxophone
  2. Clifford Brown III – Trumpet
  3. Zayed Nasser – Alto Saxophone
  4. Francesco Lento – Trumpet
  5. Jim Porto – Vocals & Piano
  6. Simon Moullier – Vibraphone
  7. Pradyumna Singh Manot – Piano
  8. Sharik Hasan – Piano
  9. Miguelo Valdes – Conga
  10. Roberthino Bastos – Percussion
  11. Alexander Toth – Bass
  12. Sonic Shori – Bass
  13. Ari Roland – Bass
  14. Rayford Griffin – Drums
  15. Kunal Netrapal – Drums

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