NEANGO Studio launches Delhi’s Oldest Art Gallery As Gag Moderne

New Delhi: Delhi’s art-lovers have much to rejoice over as New Delhi’s oldest art-gallery, Gita Art Gallery, restarts operations with an exhibition of exquisite art works by the country’s most sought-after young masters – among them the likes of Rameshwar Broota, Mona Rai, Manish Pushkale, Shobha Broota and Hem Raj, to name a few. But that’s not all. To mark the reinvention of Gita Art Gallery as ‘GAG Moderne’ the gallery’s octogenarian founder-owner, Mr Kuljit Singh Butalia, will bless Neha Talwar, who along with artists Anirudh Tripathi and Gopal Mehan has taken on the baton to embark on this creative journey as NEANGO STUDIO. This is the first time that the public and collectors are being given access to these rich and textured compositions by the greats…a treat for anyone with an eye for art!

This is a significant development for Delhi’s art circuit as ‘GAG Moderne’ seeks to infuse the capital’s creative milieu with best-practices that are very dear to the founders of this initiative. The three installation artists’ trio – Neha Talwar, Anirudh Tripathi and Gopal Mehan – are all inspired by a common ideal of taking Indian art places, both literally and figuratively. NEANGO STUDIO intends to not just showcase the best of Indian art – both traditional and contemporary – through the platform of GAG Moderne, but also enshrine certain tenets that are core to respecting the artist.

“After 70 years in the business, it’s with great pride that I hand over the reigns to NEANGO STUDIO to take Gita Art Gallery into the future as GAG Moderne. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to interact with the India’s, as well as the world’s most eclectic, artists like MF Hussain, FN Souza and Manjit Bawa at a time when the art-business was a personalised affair, and these are people I was intimately associated with. In it’s new avatar I believe GAG Moderne will stay true to this style of working with creative people and give them the support and encouragement required to nurture the artist,” remarks Mr Kuljit Singh Butalia, Founder, Gita Art Gallery.

For all those keen to listen to the numerous insights into some of the world renowned artists of India, Mr Butalia will also share some of nuggets he shared with the aforementioned luminaries when he stepped in to assist the artists. In keeping with the spirit of nurturing Indian art, NEANGO STUDIO is positioning GAG Moderne as a destination for the arts. This implies the premises will function as a gallery and an interactive space with sections of the public can interact with creative talents and part-take in art literacy.

“Neango Studio and GAG Moderne are poised to be a force to reckon with, with their innovations, within the field of art,” remarks Ms Neha Talwar, Director, GAG Moderne. “It’s a poignant development for Indian art that a progressive group of artists such as NEANGO STUDIO have taken on the baton from a stalwart in the Delhi art circuit, Mr Kuljit Singh Butalia. This means lovers of Indian art from the subcontinent, and the world beyond, can look forward to the grandest work of artists of yore finding expression on the same platform as the most promising talent for the future. It’s a seamless merging of timelines for Indian art as envisioned by NEANGO STUDIO and Mr Butalia, arguably the most prolific collector of rare Indian art.”

NEANGO Studio will be putting up art installation for the Art show along with work of 10 artists that includes on 1st of March. This is part of a series of installation that NEANGO Studio is doing on Mosquitoes. This installation is first in the series of Machharnama – One drop Paradox.


Formerly Gita Art Gallery, GAG Moderne, is a retailer and repository of umpteen contemporary paintings. Established in 1964 by Mr Kuljeet Singh Butalia, and, is indisputably the oldest art gallery in the Capital. Mr Butalia’s passion for art led him to not merely showcase but possess paintings of all kinds- be it abstract/semi-abstract form to or some combination of these elements. Having started his journey at a time when art flourished in the Asian region but perhaps, didn’t find as many lucrative deals as it does in the new millennium, he revolutionised the modern and contemporary art in India. Since then, for more than five decades, Gita Art Gallery has showcased some of the unique and finest exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in India building up a gateway of Indian art in the world market. It has constantly made a landmark success in promoting Indian art globally too.

After lying dormant for a few years, the gallery is getting reinvented by NEANGO STUDIO, keeping up with the latest trends of the art market to reach out to a wider audience of fine arts. Thus, from traditional and modern paintings, sculptures, installations to more contemporary media like mixed media, conceptual art, video art, and experimental art, the gallery – re-christened as GAG Moderne – is once again envisioned as an arena for all the passionate lovers of artworks of quality & everlasting value.