NEP-2020 Webinars held at UGC HRDC


Aligarh : The UGC Human Resource Development Centre, AMU, organized four Webinars on the National Education Policy-2020 (NEP) from 15 to 20 June in which around 806 participants from all over the country participated. They represent an array of disciplines and are working as academic faculty in positions ranging from Assistant Professors to Professors in University and Colleges.

Dr Faiza Abbasi, Director, UGC Human Resource Development Centre, said that these Webinars were an iteration of the nationwide mission of educational transformation laid out by NEP-2020. She said that the UGC has planned 264 such Webinars through the 66 UGC Human Resource Development Centres across the country and high profile faculty including Vice Chancellors of Central Universities have been delivering sessions. The chief objective of this thorough exercise is to dish out the ground realities of NEP 2020 and make it feasible in the cafeteria approach.

Course Coordinator, Prof Sajid Jamal, Department of Education, AMU said that the following resource persons engaged the sessions: Dr. Shakila T. Shamsu, Secretary, Erstwhile Committee to Draft NEP, 2020, on the Topic ‘Multidisciplinary Higher Education’, Professor SuhelMustajab, Coordinator, NEP Cell, AMU on the Topic ‘Academic Bank of Credit and NAD’, Professor AasimZafar, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, AMU on the topic ‘Digital Governance’ and Professor S.K. Singh, Retd. Department of Physics, AMU and Former Vice Chancellor, H.N.B. GarhwalUniversity, Uttarakhand on the topic ‘Good Academic Research Practices’.He said that the stupendous response of course participants was received and the sessions were highly interactive.

It is envisaged that along with the above, similar initiatives on other themes like, Internationalization of Higher Education, NSQF, Twinning/Dual/Joint Degrees, Multiple entry and exit, CUET, Pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously, and Educational Framework for Global Citizenship in HE will enable the teachers to remain at the center of Nation building through higher education.