Ness Digital Engineering Celebrates Milestone Anniversary of Its Technology Innovation Center in lasi, Romania

New Delhi: Ness Digital Engineering, a provider of digital transformation and custom software engineering services, is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its Technology Innovation Center in Iasi, Romania. The Iasi Center currently employs 300 skilled professionals to support customers in the financial services, automotive, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, and technology industries. The Iasi Center is expected to continue to experience strong growth.

“Our Centers in Romania are thriving,” said Paul Lombardo, Ness Digital Engineering CEO. “We’re benefiting from the country’s top engineering talent, which is producing cutting-edge solutions for Ness customers based in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. We’re excited to continue expanding our capabilities in the coming years to develop the digital products and platforms our clients need to drive differentiation and revenue growth.”

The Iasi Center has deep competencies in customer experience design (CX / UX), digital platform engineering, big data & analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, Mobile Competency Center, and QA automation. The Iasi Center has been instrumental in developing leading, next-generation solutions related to over-the-top content (OTT); active driving systems in automotive; complex, high-volume data exchange platforms; and content-rich portals that serve as seamlessly-integrated ecosystems for end consumers in the entertainment, healthcare, and education sectors.

“Five years ago, Ness established the Iasi Center to expand our base of experienced, forward-thinking engineers, leveraging Romania’s excellent reputation in math, science, and technology,” said Ketan Karia, Ness Senior Vice President and Head of Delivery for Europe. “Today, our Iasi Center brings this talent to our customers around the globe, while we also host and participate in programs designed to further cultivate engineering talent locally.”

“Over the past several years, we’ve become part of the Iasi community,” said Stefan Rusu, Ness Vice President of Delivery in Iasi. “People aligned with our vision and said ‘yes’ to opportunities, building lasting relationships with friends and colleagues in the process. Our team has had many opportunities to do innovative work that further builds upon our engineering expertise and our successes, and we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with the team and the entire community.”

In addition to the Iasi Center, Ness has another fast-growing campus located in Timisoara, Romania, which opened in January 2016. Future growth plans for both Centers include expanding their engineering teams; supporting the Romanian IT community by hosting BarbeCode, a series of technical conferences; and continued collaboration with local Universities AI. I Cuza and Asachi. This includes the implementation of a Ness Lab in both universities focused on developing specific innovations for clients in the automotive, education, and media & entertainment sectors.