Nestle Special.T supports Smile Foundation’s Child for Child initiative to enable underprivileged children to access school education

~Nestle Special.T. to support Child For Child program to improve access to school education for children of tea garden workers~

New Delhi: Nestle Special.T has joined hands with Smile Foundation to support the NGO’s Child For Child program in Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts of West Bengal. Through this partnership the program will reach out to underprivileged children in the two districts, get them back into school and ensure they remain in school.


Launched in 2006 by Smile Foundation, The Child for Child Program connects underprivileged children with their privileged counterparts who study in prestigious schools, sensitizing privileged children and their parents to the inequality around them.


Under Child For Child programme, Smile Foundation visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions for the young minds. It sensitizes children towards various causes and let them realize their privileged status.


Last year, the Child for Child program reached out to over 1.7 million privileged children from 4,400 schools spread across 417 districts of India. The program has been rolled out in every part of the country except Lakshadweep.


More than 27,000 events and activities were conducted in schools last year under the Child for Child Program to sensitize students, their parents, and teachers to help students from marginalized backgrounds.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Santanu Mishra, Co-Founder & Executive Trustee, Smile Foundation said, “There is grave inequality around us, which has been magnified by Covid-19. We are honored to be partnered by Nestle Special.T in this leg of the Child for Child program. This partnership shall help us mobilize support for children of tea garden workers who have fallen off the education grid. It shall enable us to expand the Child for Child program by bringing new schools in the two districts under its ambit.”


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