NetDragon Aids Smart Education Construction in Serbia

Hong Kong: NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (“NetDragon” or “the Company”, Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is pleased to announce that NetDragon and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia (“MOESTD of Serbia”) signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) on cooperation in smart education program for Serbia. Leveraging the Company’s advanced educational information technologies, NetDragon will work with MOESTD of Serbia to set up a smart learning environment including SaaS cloud platform, education software and hardware, value-added services, to achieve smart education, information connectivity as well as comprehensive education equality.

Serbia plays a prominent role in countries along the “The Belt and Road”. In recent years, Serbia has valued technological innovation and development, and has committed to digital education reform. Mladen Sarcevic, Minister of MOESTD of Serbia commented that Serbia is willing to learn from Chinese internet companies and will strongly support NetDragon in promoting nation-wide smart education construction in Serbia. Meanwhile, the Country will also cooperate with NetDragon to cultivate technical talents in order to upgrade Serbia’s innovation capabilities.

In accordance with the MOU, NetDragon will leverage advanced technologies such as cloud computing and AI to help Serbia build a national management and teaching system and a national development and service system for smart education. At the same time, NetDragon and Serbia will jointly build a smart education demonstration center to showcase leading education technological applications. In future, the center will serve as an example of a localized model, which includes experience center, content production center, R&D center, service center and informatized training center, and will represent the outcome of the joint effort between the Serbian Government, enterprises, universities and research institutions from Serbia. Through this smart education center, NetDragon will demonstrate to educators and the society different learning scenarios and will also provide resources and platform services for technological information and knowledge sharing in Serbia, in order to enhance user experiences from educators and learners, and to meet the needs of the public for smart education.

In addition, NetDragon will leverage and combine advanced technologies including Promethean’s education solutions including ActivPanel, smart classroom, VR classroom and STEAM classroom, to build an integrated digital learning platform that comprises teaching management, environment and resources & application for Serbia. And based on the Company’s learning platform, management platform (One Stop Learning) and mobile device management platform (MDM), NetDragon will build a national cloud platform for education services for the Country. On the other hand, Serbia plans to purchase tens of thousands units of smart classroom solutions in the next 2 years, which may become one of the collaborations between NetDragon and Serbia.

Liu Dejian, Founder and Chairman of NetDragon, and Advisor to Minister without Portfolio of Serbia in charge of Innovation and Technological Development said that the Company will continue to work on R&D with the Serbian Government, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, to foster research and application of smart education, and to fully assist in the development of smart education in Serbia via collaboration in education training and services.

NetDragon and Serbia have multiple interactions in recent years. NetDragon invited Mr. Nenad Popovic, Minister without Portfolio of Serbia in charge of Innovations and Technological Development, to participate in the Digital China Summit in the past two consecutive years, and Liu Dejian was hired as Advisor of Minister. In October 2019, NetDragon, Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia and Cabinet of the Minister in charge of Innovations and Technological Development signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in developing the Serbian Public Innovation Platform at the “The Fourth China-CEEC Conference on Innovation Cooperation”.

Under the “Belt and Road Initiative”, NetDragon, as a leading enterprise in Internet + Education, integrates advanced technologies including AI and VR to help developing countries upgrade smart education and promote digital education innovation based on the countries’ specific circumstances and needs. Up till now, NetDragon has been working with countries along “The Belt and Road” including Russia, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. The signing of this MOU with MOESTD of Serbia marks another new step for the Company which will act as the starting point for international digital education cooperation for the 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.