Network of youth organisations in South East Europe adopts MIL policies

“The formal commitment of 27 youth organizations from South East Europe and Turkey to include MIL in their policies and activities is we hope going to be a game changer to further disseminate MIL knowledge among the youth in the region,” said Amela Sirovina,  the Director of CROA.

Throughout the month of December 2020, 27 youth organisations from South East Europe and Turkey signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding committing to incorporate Media and Information Literacy (MIL) into their daily activities and policies. This achievement was facilitated by the Centre for Development of Youth Activism (CROA), a youth organization in Sarajevo and implementing partner of UNESCO within the EU-funded project “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey – Phase 2.”

Not only did the 27 youth organisations commit to integrate MIL policies, they also established a regional network, which will help them to exchange best practices and experiences.“Having 27 organisations from the region unite in a joint MIL mission is a great achievement. We hope this will have a tremendous impact on the development, learning, socializing, and physical and mental health of young people in the region,” said Amela Sirovina.

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