Neuberg Diagnostics conducts awareness drives for teenage girls on menstrual health and hygiene in Mumbai


Mumbai : Ahead of Women’s Day, Neuberg Diagnostics, India’s fourth-largest diagnostics lab chain conducted an awareness drive for 7th to 10th standard schoolgirls of Powai English High School on menstrual health and hygiene. The teenage girl students were provided with free biodegradable sanitary napkins. In partnership with the NGO, Think Beyond, Neuberg Diagnostics also pledged to provide free sanitary napkins to all teenage girls for a year.

A trained group of doctors from Neuberg and Think Beyond engaged with girls and discussed menstrual health and hygiene management. They delved deep into unhygienic practices related to menstruation management and guided them on the benefits of sanitary pads over old rags, banana peels, and husks. Additionally, the teenage girls were educated about when do girls get their periods, how ovulation is related to periods, duration, premenstrual syndrome, cramps management, how to use the calendar to mark menstrual cycle, waste management of used napkins, pregnancy, care instructions, iron deficiency, balanced nutrition for avoiding anemia and when one should consider seeking medical intervention.

Aishwarya Vasudevan, Group Chief Operating Officer, Neuberg Diagnostics, said, “We are encouraged with the response of these young ladies. During interactions, they were very curious about the changes they were going through. They also opened that they were shy about discussing it at home and with other friends. We hope that this orientation will enable them to focus on their diet, highlight the challenges at home, and seek medical intervention if required. We will continue to engage with them and address their concerns.”