neuherbs’ new product rebranding initiative highlights innovation led and solution-based curations for its consumer’s daily healthcare

New Delhi : Global Healthfit Retail India, India’s leading healthcare and wellness brand in the Nutraceutical space today unveils product rebrand designed to provide its customers a holistic overview for its emerging portfolio and growth in the industry. Carrying a wide selection of high-quality nutritional products, neuherbs takes a bold step to revamp the branding & packaging after 6 years of providing unparalleled offerings. The brand has also improvised the formats of its nutritional supplements for consumption beyond capsules.


Bolstering its position as the preferred brand, neuherbs aims at investing 10 Crore in the coming 5 years in the R&D space in order to address its consumer’s expectations of most pertinent curations of solution-based products through natural sources. With the current investment of 2 Crore, this time the brand not only aims at upgrading its portfolio with topdrawer products but also uses its innovation led approach to educate its audience about the importance of supplemental healthcare in daily life. neuherbs looks forward to enriching a mindful relationship of its core audience with nutrition profoundly with more transparency and advanced solutions.


Daily supplements have become inevitable in our diet considering the nutritional gap created by our modern lifestyle. neuherbs with its exceptional R&D team of seasoned research scientists, Doctors, Food Technologists and nutritionists has continuously investigated on how a human body can absorb maximum nutrition form the food we consume. Alongside the same, the brand since its inception has explored and studied its consumer behaviour very closely. Considering the two factors, a thoughtful strategic acquisition has led to upgrading the packaging and exploring different formats of consuming nutritional supplements has been laid after a solid groundwork.


Mr Amit Tyagi, Co-Founder, neuherbs “neuherbs has always developed solution-based products from ingredients and formulations that are sourced naturally. For years now, we have been offering natural nutritional supplements for daily wellness and couldn’t help but notice that a large population still consider supplementation as medication since they appear like pills. We are trying our best to innovate and change how supplements are perceived by working on user friendly consumption formats and the packaging. Our products are now available in the form of a tablet, dissolvable powder/ tablets, soft gels, liquids or even premixes for instant consumptions. We are working strategically on breaking the stereotype of nutritional supplements being considered as medicine, encouraging consumers to not sacrifice on nutrition in any given situation.”


Consigning to the cognizant millennials and fitness enthusiasts, the packaging today uses subtle yet eye-catchy color scheme with doodles to explain the right use and health benefits of the products. For many who feel conscious while popping a pill even if it is an immunity booster tablet, neuherbs is addressing the concern with adept moves. The brand hopes to increase its retail footprint by offering nutritional supplements different formats and with the appearance of a modish and informational packaging like no other.

Since its inception, neuherbs has supported and encouraged and Make In India initiative and has ensured that all its manufacturing, research, designing & sourcing is done in India. The brand is continuously pursuing to develop innovation-based products that are made from ingredients and formulations that help nutritional to absorb in the body faster and that are safe to consume to improve one’s wellbeing. The brand aims at bridging the gap in the nutraceutical industry with its fine approach of focusing on prevention over cure. Even though we have multiple medical treatment sciences available today, neuherbs is exploiting natural sources to fulfil the daily nutritional needs of a human body. The brand is likely to upgrade its product portfolio in food and nutrition category soon.