New book launch: The Golden Bird 2.0

Mumbai: The Golden Bird 2.o, by author Raina Singhwi Jain, was recently launched by Oxford Bookstore on virtual platforms across the country. The book, digging into India’s rich heritage to take a fresh perspective at its potential future, promises to be a rhapsodic, thought-provoking and fascinating read. Through her lucid, informative yet engaging narration, Raina handles the shifting surfaces of the past and present with extraordinary fineness to highlight the pressing gaps that need to be bridged today to pave the way for India to becoming the Golden Bird again, as she was referred to in ancient times owing to its abundance.

Appealing equally to the head and the heart, what makes this book even more topical and a must-read for all the discerning citizens of the country is the author’s reference to new-age concepts like Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India: she echoes the fact that in India’s self-reliance, there lies a strong inter-connection for global peace, co-operation and prosperity. With the help of beautiful expressions, conviction and confidence, Raina inspires her countrymen to change their chalta hain mindset to take the quantum jump in a bid to regain the glory of our historical past and set the ball rolling towards development as well as strategic long-term sustainable solutions.


Let’s take a leaf from our national tree, A heritage the world ought to see. Our immortal soul and relentless growth — it’s time for us to metamorphose.


While conventional wisdom suggests improvements in manufacturing, the ease of doing business and digital technology, Raina delves deeper to draw surprising parallels vis-a-vis other areas that beg our attention — such as process engineering, communication design, journalism, decentralization of power and disaster management. She chronicles well-documented research as well as insights on entrepreneurship, trade and education – a skillfully-constructed amalgamation of her view-points shaped by her own education, reading, interaction with various captains of industries and the mentors in her life.


Raina Singhwi Jain, at the young age of 34, deserves accolades for her striking debut in an emotionally powerful narrative to inspire her nation towards a second golden era, backed by unity in diversity, powerful governance, economic growth and an overall, better quality of life. With her roots in a business-oriented family, she started her career by joining her family business where she performed with flying colours. It was only during this recent lockdown that she followed her passion of writing and came up with this very inspiring composition which overwhelms by its exuberance and verbal virtuosity. This makes it even more commendable for this promising author who deserves true applause and appreciation for writing on a subject that incorporates the classic tools of transformation into a simple philosophy to enrich our lives. Let us hope The Golden Bird 2.o manages to do more than scratch the surface to facilitate a dialogue that will spark more than mere water-cooler banter and enter the chambers of the decision-makers in the country.