New brand film by UPES encourages students to ‘Become a Specialist’

New Delhi: Keeping specialization as key theme of the campaign, UPES, a specialization-focused, multi-disciplinary university launched their first ever brand film today. Showcasing how UPES students with specialization in various verticals have utilized their skills optimally, the brand film intends to educate students on the benefits of specialization so that they can make right choices for their higher education.

The campaign was launched on select TV channels and digital platforms in the first phase. In the second phase it will be aired in multiple theatres. The brand film highlights 110+ specialized programs offered by UPES and plays a montage of students from diverse subjects including Cyber law, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Design excelling in their careers and living a purposeful life. Some of the visuals include students helping senior citizens fight cybercrime cases, providing clean drinking water in remote areas and creating state of art prosthetics to help specially-abled people. The campaign highlights the need for academic specialization in today’s time to excel in professional and entrepreneurial avenues.

Link to the brand film:

Talking about the brand film, Chairman, Sharad Mehra, said, “This brand film captures the true spirit, ethos and key differentiators of UPES. As we spent time talking to our students, we realized how their specialized knowledge that they are getting at the University in the field of their choice is preparing them for their future careers and purposes of life. Interestingly, the storyline of the brand film draws inspiration from the dreams of our students.”

Adding on to Sharad’s statement, Mr. Chandan Deka, Director- Marketing, UPES stated, “UPES has always been synonymous with disruption in way higher education is looked at in India and with this film we wanted to reiterate our emphasis on new age thinking and innovation across all the six schools. With complex business scenarios shaped by technological advancements, specialization has become need of the hour to distinguish oneself from the crowd and this brand film reflects the same. “