New edtech platform’s convenient digital dashboard a boon for tutors


New Delhi: GuruQ, a unique digital integrated platform connecting tutors and students has developed a convenient dashboard to aid private teaching professionals. Available on its portal, the dashboard offers a convenient way for tutors to schedule classes for students while giving an option to conduct both online and offline classes, and gain recognition.
GuruQ was designed by Minal Anand, an enterprising young Finance major from Boston University. Operating from her Delhi office, Minal based the technology on the insights that were drawn from a comprehensive consumer research to address the need-gap for quality tutors.
Text Box: Advantages to tutors:
1. To be part of India’s largest tutor community.
2. Customize offline & online tutoring to teach more & earn more.
3. Gain recognition & popularity with parent & student ratings.
4. Gain experience and get mentored by working alongside academicians from reputed institutes
5. Track student’s progress with digital report cards.
6. Focus only on education and no more payments follow-ups.
7. Access more potential students
8. Enhance profiles with latest updates & achievements.
9. Timely and assured payments.
10. Evaluate your student’s by conducting tests online.Speaking of the new dashboard Minal Anand, Founder and CEO, GuruQ says, “GuruQ is a customizable, user-friendly platform that offers tutors a host of advantages apart from helping them manage their class schedules and optimising their earning potential. For example, our Tutor Mentorship Program offers subject and topic based seminars to equip tutors with modern teaching methods. We also host tutor events in the local neighbourhood every month to help them gain visibility and reputation”
GuruQ is focused on creating India’s largest tutor community online and is investing in building visibility and recognition for its tutors. Tutors are also encouraged to contribute articles for GuruQs blog and monthly newsletter and the company hosts an annual award ceremony to felicitate and encourage the best tutors.
Tutors can use the dashboard to work flexibly in any spare time and wherever they might be. Also, by being on the platform, the tutor gets access to a much bigger student base. The software even presents a far more secure alternative as all interactions among tutors and students are logged and recorded.
GuruQ also increases the scope for tutors by offering students and parents to post reviews of their tutor. An emerging excellent tutor can get quick and objective recognition through GuruQ’s system, which could have taken longer if the tutor were to rely only on word-of-mouth to build up.
Speaking of convenience Sakshi Luthra, a Physics, Chemistry, Biology tutor at Rajouri Garden says “The biggest problem a tutor faces is that students cancel or re-schedule classes very often. This creates havoc in the entire time table. With GuruQ’s digital dashboard I am able to manage all my schedules, all my re-scheduling and also get all the information on my mobile phone including information about the next class that I have to conduct”
Started as a value-based online tutoring platform with a dual functionality, GuruQ aims to empower the tutor community while also meeting the objectives of students and parents.
Online tutoring platforms in India are already making waves in the industry with even big names like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the philanthropic arm created by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, investing whopping amounts in them. Online tutoring is here to stay and fresh ideas like GuruQ are bound to make a resonating impact.