New Home Learning Device by Edutor Makes Home Learning effective for School Kids

Hyderabad: Edutor Technologies today announced the launch of Edutor Advantage e40, India’s First Handheld Home Learning Device for K-10 school students in the market. Edutor Advantage will be available in leading bookstores like Landmark, Himalaya Book World and Central Book Shop this season. The launch follows successful pilots done with hundreds of school kids and their parents in the last six months.

Making the announcement Ram Gollamudi, CEO of Edutor Technologies said Edutor Advantage is designed to give Indian school students a measurable home learning advantage. Advantage e40 user interface is very intuitive and easy to use for children of all ages. The touchscreen device is preloaded with a student’s class-specific, curriculum-aligned content with an option to upgrade as the student moves to higher classes. In addition to subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies and English, Advantage e40 features Extra-curricular activities – Basics of Cricket, Yoga & Karate, Spoken English Content & Wikipedia topics . Our intent is to offer a completely out-of- box home grown solution which will become a perfect home learning tool for CBSE students and supplements what is being taught in the class in an effective manner.

Research shows that when multiple senses such as sight, sound and touch are used simultaneously to learn, there is a significant boost in understanding and memory. Our device is based on the multisensory learning principle Ram adds. Advantage e40’s  highly intuitive and interactive touch-screen interface and multi-media content ensures children are fully engaged, grasp concepts and remember them far more effectively. The device also offers self assessment with its practice tests and questions for every topic. Advantage e40 is aligned with CBSE’s new Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) initiative. It enables students practice tests, make instant self assessment as well as take corrective actions to sharpen their learning outcomes.

Edutor Advantage e40, available in the market from today, is currently designed for CBSE students from Class 3 to Class 10.  Before this launch Advantage e40 device was piloted for a period of 6 months. It was introduced to parents in many of the leading CBSE schools like DPS (Hyderabad & Secunderabad), Meridian School, DAV, Gitanjali Devashraya, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Indus World School,  Chinmaya Vidyalala, Silver Oaks, Vikas The Concept School etc.

The education fraternity principals and teachers of these school found that the potential benefits of having Edutor Advantage, in supplementing the learning that happens in school, could be quite remarkable as the pilot studies resulted in improved performance of the students in their class during the period – Ram, CEO Edutor Technologies said.

“Edutor is fantastic – it can generate interest in any child towards academic subjects” Vikas Singhal, parent of Sivam who studies in DPS Hyderabad, said. Another parent Komala Sridhar whose child studies in Meridian School says “My child’s academic grades have improved after using Edutor, I used Edutor to learn Yoga for myself”. The strongest endorsements came from teachers: “Kids are using Edutor really well, I gave students some questions for home work; kids having Edutor searched for that topic, studied that topic and answered those questions better. These same kids normally don’t read text books. This product is really good and useful” – says Mymoona , a teacher at Meridian School, Hyderabad.

Ram said hundreds of parents bought Edutor Advantage so far and their children have been using it over the past few months. The product will be launched in other cities in a phased manner. Advantage e40 is currently targeted for CBSE students, we expect to release our version for ICSE, IGCSE, SSC (State Boards) students in the coming few months.

Edutor Technologies is a company with a single minded philosophy and passion – learning first. The company founders are graduates of IIT Chennai and IIM. The CEO – Ram Gollamudi – an electronics engineer from IITM who spent the last 15 years in the US working in Technology companies – says “After experiencing and learning so much in the US, I realised technology can make a real difference in the lives of people. It was my desire to do something for my homeland as unique as Edutor. I am delighted Edutor has made a good impact with students. We at Edutor continue to innovate and bring effective and meaningful solutions.”

As part of this quest to make a greater impact, provide greater access and enable high quality learning experiences on affordable devices, Edutor is working with public bodies to improve delivery of education in government schools. With technology making greater strides, Edutor clearly sees a vast potential for its offerings. Meanwhile, it is parents in Hyderabad who can now get the Edutor Advantage!