New MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship course

Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow is inviting applications for its new MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship course starting in September 2021.


The MSc Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship is embedded in a department which is passionate about supporting students who are dedicated to social and environmental change.


Social innovation is concerned with ideas that address unmet social needs. Socially innovative ideas include restorative justice, hospices, kindergartens, distance learning and traffic calming , amongst others. These ideas are usually brought to fruition through an entrepreneurial process, which is concerned with turning innovations into viable and sustainable business models.


Never before has social innovation and entrepreneurship been so central to society: climate change, the threat of pandemics, increase in world population and poverty are only some of the mega-trends that require novel solutions and business models to implement them.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals stem from a global urge to address such issues. In tandem with the latter, research in this area has grown significantly in recent years. This is an important area of research, practice and teaching.


The curriculum of the MSc Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship is shaped so that you have space to explore contemporary social and sustainability issues (e.g. Issues and Trends in Entrepreneurship; Social Entrepreneurship). The programme features practical classes and labs within which you work on creative problem solving for local and national businesses, as well as working on issues of global interest (Creativity and Venture Planning; Inclusive Strategy Lab and Global Innovation Lab).


You’re also trained on core areas of the business venturing content and processes, such as in Mindset Lab, Entrepreneurial Finance and Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership. The programme concludes with an individual summer project for a social enterprise.


Eligibility: Minimum second-class honours degree or overseas equivalent. A minimum of 6.5 IELTS score, with no individual score lower than 5.5.


Fee:  £23,050 for international students for 2021/ 22.


For further information , including scholarships  please contact –  [email protected] or visit




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