New online ethical marketing degree from the University of London

The University of London is to launch a new online marketing degree in partnership with  global online learning platform Coursera(Opens in new window), but one which will equip its students well beyond more traditional ‘how-to’ courses.

Course director, Dr Stefano Harney, explained: “Naturally we cover the basics of marketing but we will go much further than that.

“We’re concerned with core societal issues like environmental sustainability amid mass consumption; questions of gender in marketing and advertising; equity and inequity of growth, both between countries and within countries.

Dr Harney from  Royal Holloway, University of London, which provides academic direction to the course, added: “Massive over-consumption in some parts of the world means that to sustain current lifestyles, we would need almost three planets to provide enough natural resources.

“But in a global economy in which customers can ask Alexa to buy almost anything and expect same day delivery, how can marketeers meet consumer demand without contributing to a sustainability crisis?

“Our students will be equipped, not only to ask these questions in future roles, but by studying the history of marketing, as well as how global supply chains and operational management work and be able to start to formulate the answers.

“Why? Because the people who are cognisant of the largest issues in society and the relationship between marketing and these issues are the ones who will bring the biggest value to their companies.

“Also, Coursera – it’s a very different, very exciting platform. Rather than starting from the idea that you’re trying to recreate a campus experience as much as you can, they know that many students want to be independent, set their own pace and learn in their own style and they have real expertise to underpin that very different approach we take to teaching so it’s a really exciting partnership.”

Royal Holloway’s Head of the School of Business and Management, Professor Gloria Agyemang said: “This course will both stretch and stimulate its students as it addresses and equips them to deal with what are some of the biggest issues and challenges in marketing today.”

The BSc Marketing is the second degree-level programme to be run by UoL in partnership with Coursera. A BSc Computer Science was launched in 2019 and more than 3,000 students around the world have enrolled on the programme so far.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Thomson, said: “Students in the Computer Science BSc with Coursera have had a life-changing experience and I am confident that the marketing degree will serve students equally well.”

Coursera Chief Content Officer, Betty Vandenbosch, said: “We’re honoured that the University of London is launching a second job-relevant degree on Coursera – enabling learners from around the world to access an affordable education from a top UK university.  Degrees continue to be one of the most valued credentials(Opens in new window) in the job market, and we’re excited to be launching the BSc Marketing which will equip students with the latest knowledge, techniques and practices in this high-demand field.”

Head of Royal Holloway’s Marketing Department, Professor Alan Bradshaw, added: “At Royal Holloway we pride ourselves about being at marketing’s cutting edge. Our dual excellence in teaching and research allows us to lead international discussions about consumer experience, online culture, and branding. This new programme will allow us to do so in very exciting ways and we can’t wait to get started.”

Applications open on June 28, 2021 and further details can be found on the course page.

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