New opportunities for student teaching practice

On March 18, students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology visited the Resource Language Media Center for Karelians, Vepsians and Finns.
In accordance with the curriculum, in April students studying in two profiles – “Primary education” and “Native language (Karelian)”, will have an industrial practice. The organizer of the excursion to the Media Center, Svetlana Iosifovna Smirnova, head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education, noted:

One of the objectives of this visit to the Resource Center is to find new opportunities for students to undergo practical training in the “Native language” profile. We would like to thank the head of the Center, Andrey Nikolaevich Kuznetsov, for his initiative, willingness to cooperate and interesting proposals.

For the students, they conducted an excursion around the building of the publishing house, showed the House of Peoples’ Friendship, the children got acquainted with textbooks on the Karelian language in the library, with the game “100 words about Karelia” and other projects of the Center. It was not the first time that the students visited the “Periodica”, however were pleased with the new visit:

In the 3rd year, you assess the situation and the possibilities of realizing your activities in a completely different way than at the beginning of training – in the 1st year. I was very interested in the diversity of the Center’s activities and the fact that it is ready to offer us a lot of opportunities and contribute to our successful training,

– Evgenia Bolshukhina shared her impressions.

I was interested in such content of our future practice as the creation of didactic games and sound recordings of various teaching materials. I think this is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and replenish your methodological piggy bank, –

Anastasia Gerasimova shared.

The event was also attended by E. S. Kazko, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education, responsible for the upcoming practice of third-year students.

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