New Political Science students attend orientation programme


Aligarh : The newly admitted undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) were made familiar with the academic and social aspects of the university and the indelible mark, AMU founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan left on the country in the orientation programme on ‘Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the Aligarh Movement’.

Welcoming the new students, Prof Nisar Ahmad Khan (Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences) said: “As the new students make their transition to university life, it is imperative that they understand how Sir Syed took up the case for education after witnessing major upheavals of his time.”

“Sir Syed recognised education as the most important tool through which Indians from normal walks of life could emerge from a position of disadvantage and compete with nations who were at the pinnacle of scientific education and advancements”, he added.

Speaking on ‘Contribution of Aligarh Movement to Muslim Renaissance’, Prof Mirza Asmer Beg (Department of Political Science) pointed out: “Sir Syed founded the Scientific Society in 1863 and translated major works of sciences and modern arts into Urdu. He released journals such as the Aligarh Institute Gazette and the Tehzibul Akhlaq in a systemic movement aimed at reforming the social, political and educational aspects of the Muslim community”.

“Sir Syed made people aware of the religious tolerance, freedom of expression, and other liberal values”, said Prof Arshi Khan (Department of Political Science).

He was speaking on ‘Sir Syed’s Views on Diversity, Accommodation and Nation-Building’.

In the discussion on ‘Sir Syed as a Public Intellectual’, Prof M Shafey Kidwai (Department of Mass Communication) spoke about how Sir Syed initiated a movement for the intellectual, educational, social and cultural regeneration of the Muslim society in particular and the common Indians of all religious, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in general.

Dr Mohammad Shahid (Deputy Director, Sir Syed Academy) delivered a talk on ‘An Introduction to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Aligarh Movement’, Dr Nafis Faizi (Department of Community Medicine) spoke on ‘Sir Syed as a Phenomenon’ and Dr Rahat Abrar (Former Director, Urdu Academy) shed light on ‘Sir Syed as a Political Ideologue and Activist’.

Prof Iqbal Ur Rehman (Chairman, Department of Political Science) delivered the welcome address.

Dr Amin Mir extended the vote of thanks and also conducted the programme with Dr Mohammad Aslam.


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