New Research Library’s virtual exhibitions are waiting for visitors

Two new 3D excursions have become available on the TSU Research Library website. Anyone can visit the exhibition “Pushkin and His Time”, which was presented offline in 2019, and see the 2020 exposition “One for All”.

At the large-scale exhibition “Pushkin and His Time”, prepared by the Department of Manuscripts and Book Monuments for the 220th anniversary of the poet, you can view the unique lifetime editions of his works. Galina Kolosova, the author of the exposition, says that the exhibition not only represents the poet’s creative path and conveys the atmosphere of his era, but also reveals invisible threads that connect Pushkin with Tomsk.

A virtual tour of the exhibition is accompanied by a landmark audio guide where Natalia Goncharova, head of the department, speaks in detail about the exhibits – books and engravings – in the context of the poet’s real and creative biography.

– A second virtual tour is in the exhibition, which few people managed to visit this year due to epidemiological restrictions, – explained Kirill Konev, one of its authors. – It is also based on documents that capture the era. And if Pushkin’s time was closely connected with the War of 1812, then the documents of the exhibition “One for All” show the Second World War of 1941-1945 in a different artistic embodiment. These are books, posters, leaflets, and postcards issued during the war.
The virtual tour of “One for All” is also accompanied by an audio guide.

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