New Scholarship to fast-track Indian students heading for Australia’s top Young University

New Delhi: Indian high school students, who want to fast-track into the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia, can now apply for a new scholarship at UTS Insearch and complete their first year in just eight months.

The new UTS Insearch Aspire Advantage Scholarship is for motivated students who have the academic aptitude to complete an Accelerated program in two semesters in a supportive and fast-paced learning environment at the premium pathway institute.

Australia is the second most popular destination for globally mobile students from India, according to UNESCO Global Flows of Tertiary-Level Students. More than one lakh students from India were enrolled in Australian educational institutions during 2018, constituting 12.4% of the overall international enrolments. This was a rise of 24.5% over the previous calendar year.

“We know there are many students from India interested in studying in the heart of Sydney who could benefit from UTS’s practical and innovative degrees,” said Belinda Howell, Chief Market Development Officer for UTS Insearch.

“The university’s strong collaboration with employers, industry and many start-up enterprises also create innovative opportunities for students to work and gain practical experience during their study, and beyond. The Aspire Advantage Scholarship encourages select, high-achieving undergraduate students from India, who are motivated and wish to accelerate their studies, helping them to reach their education, career and life goals faster,” added Ms Howell.

UTS continues to expand its India operations and has a dedicated India office to support students, parents and partners in India, and build awareness of UTS as a dynamic and modern university for students considering international education.

One of the students, embracing the fast-paced study option with UTS Insearch is Sredha Vinod from Kerala, who has been awarded a Dean’s Merit Prize for academic achievement by coming first in her engineering program in the first semester of study. Sredha is already achieving excellent academic results and has ambitions to be like her father (a civil engineer) once she completes her UTS Bachelor of Engineering.

“I like the idea of helping people through building infrastructure and technology like my father. I want to build roads and civil structures and contribute to my country’s future,” Sredha said.

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