New University Laboratories Opened in Samara State Technical University with Syzran Refinery’s Support

With support from the Syzran Refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s refining complex, three new university laboratories were opened in a branch campus of the Samara State Technical University. Those are the Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Analysis of Oil and Petroleum Products, the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, and the Laboratory of Mechanics and Molecular Physics.

The laboratories’ capabilities will significantly increase the level of training of students in the field of Chemistry Technology, highly sought after by the Company, and help scientific research in promising ways of oil refining.

The laboratories’ equipment matches the requirements of the best technical universities in Russia. Students have at their disposal the multipurpose instruments, including a gas chromatograph, an infra-red Fourier transform spectrometer, a differential scanning calorimeter, desks for studying thermodynamics, molecular physics, and petrochemistry processes.

Research equipment kit in the Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Analysis of Oil and Petroleum Products closely resembles the equipment of Syzran Refinery’s central laboratory to train technologists for the facility effectively. A personal workspace is set up for every student in the form of a fully equipped mini-laboratory with a laptop, possible connection of various sensors, reagents and glassware kit as well as a guidance manual with step-by-step instructions for analyses performance.

The Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry is equipped with every tool necessary to conduct practical exercise lessons: measuring equipment, chemical reagents, a glassware kit, a distillation apparatus, and a desiccator.

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Molecular Physics is equipped with desks for studying processes as part of the course on Mechanics and Molecular Physics. One of the most complex ones is ‘Fluid Mechanics’. Up to eight different lab sessions can be performed at the desk. It allows to perform dynamic studying of pipes, pumps, check valves, studying of Bernoulli’s equation, fluid flow conditions, etc. The new ‘Condensation’ desk is designed not only for studying the process but also for determining and comparison of heat transfer coefficient using different types of pipes.

The innovative approach to training bachelors provides for the provision of both academic and applied knowledge to the students, the latter as part of scientific research. The Chemical Technology studying course was created in the Syzran branch of SSTU in 2019 to replenish the employee pool of Rosneft Oil Company in the region. The Syzran Refinery, which implements a complex modernisation programme, is interested in the inflow of young professionals with specialized education for solving relevant production tasks.