New York University: New York Times’ Cade Metz and NYU’s Yann LeCun Discuss AI’s Visionaries—April 9 Webinar

Cade Metz, a New York Times technology correspondent, and NYU’s Yann LeCun will discuss Metz’s newly released Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World in a webinar, Fri., April 9, 1-2 p.m. EDT.

Metz’s book chronicles how scientists from disparate fields of expertise worked to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into major companies, ushering in a new era of technology that has influenced our social discourse and altered our daily lives.

Genius Makers also considers the work of LeCun, a professor at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and NYU’s Center for Data Science (CDS) who is Facebook’s chief AI scientist. LeCun, who founded CDS, was a recipient of the Turing Award in 2019 for his breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and, specifically, deep learning and convolutional neural networks—the foundation of modern computer vision, speech recognition, speech synthesis, image synthesis, and natural language processing.

The conversation will be moderated by Michael Picheny, a research professor at the Courant Institute and Center for Data Science who was part of the IBM team that developed the company’s speech-recognition systems.

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