New Zealand future-proofs Indian students for success

New Delhi: Indian students are increasingly choosing to study in New Zealand, which has the world’s best education system according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Educating for the Future Index’. Education New Zealand has launched a 2018 global campaign to take the ‘Future-Proof Yourself’ message to students, as well as a series of dedicated promotions for Indian students.

HE Ms. Joanna Kempkers New Zealand High Commissioner at the Media Round Table event on 25th April 2018 (003)The ‘Future-Proof Yourself’ campaign has reached more than 30 million people globally. The Indian student audience have been particularly engaged by the campaign, with 2.6 million young Indians actively engaging in the campaign within a total Indian audience of 6.5 million.

New Zealand continues to be a popular destination for high-quality Indian students, with newly released statistics recording a 28% increase in the number of Indian students choosing to study at New Zealand universities in 2017. This positive trend continues into 2018 with a further 6% increase in university enrolments and 24% overall growth in first-time student visas to date.

To expand opportunities for Indian students the New Zealand High Commissioner to India, H.E. Ms. Joanna Kempkers along with Education New Zealand’s Regional Director – South and South-East Asia, Middle East, Mr. John Laxon, announced initiatives designed for India:

· HE Ms. Joanna Kempkers, New Zealand High Commissioner at the Media Round Table event on 25th April 2018The third season of the New Zealand Excellence Awards worth $205,000 for Indian students was announced today, with applications opening from June 2018.
· ENZ Recognised Agent promotional Fair series, providing students one stop platform to know more about higher education opportunities in New Zealand.

These initiatives are aimed at ambitious young students from India who are looking at improving their prospects of a secure future.

HE Ms. Joanna Kempkers, New Zealand High Commissioner to India says “I am proud to announce that New Zealand is ranked #1 country in the world for educating students for the future according to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Our education helps students develop skills the world needs and discover new ways of learning while gaining all the benefits of studying in a fair, open and free society.”

The Future Index report assessed the extent to which education systems are equipping youth between the age group of 15 – 24 years with skills needed in the future. The three broad themes included: policy environment, teaching environment and socio-economic environment. The report also notes that education will be less about learning information and more about analysing and using information.

Education New Zealand’s Regional Director – South and South-East Asia, Middle East, Mr. John Laxon said, “A New Zealand education prepares students for jobs of the future, by offering industry connections and global experiences. Our education system helps students to expand their horizons and contribute to cutting edge research, through access to globally acclaimed faculties, labs and technology.”

The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) are now in their third season, and have helped many Indian students access a world class education at New Zealand universities. These awards offer talented Indian students scholarships to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses in subjects including business, fashion and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) across all eight New Zealand universities.

Education New Zealand is also conducting a wide range of New Zealand Recognised Agents Fairs in India across Coimbatore, Cochin, Mumbai and Vadodara in April. These fairs showcase higher education opportunities across 25 prominent New Zealand institutions, whilst offering the opportunity for students to meet with representatives from New Zealand to discuss courses, pathways and other opportunities while understanding the application, student visa and enrolment process.

Responding to the increasing interest to pursue postgraduate level qualification in New Zealand, Education New Zealand has published a catalogue showcasing unique features of New Zealand Master’s qualifications. New Zealand Masters qualifications introduces students to innovation-based learning while providing opportunity to develop future skills while becoming global citizens of tomorrow.

“We are excited to see growing interest amongst Indian students in our New Zealand institutions and particularly New Zealand Master’s qualifications, which provide accelerated career pathways for high-achieving students. Initiatives such as the NZ Excellence Awards are designed specifically for our Indian students, and we look forward to announcing further initiatives for the Indian market later in 2018,” Added Mr Laxon.