Newton School launches unique AI tool to shape a new era of futuristic education


Bengaluru : With a firm commitment to remain at the forefront of technology-driven education, Bengaluru-based neo-university Newton School has launched a suite of AI tools to foster personalized learning and help them become top developers with industry-oriented AI-driven learning.
The tools will use artificial intelligence to simulate real-world scenarios and help them to develop the skills that are in demand by the world’s biggest tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple. Since 2019, the neo-university has prioritized outcome-driven tech education. With cutting-edge products like Tryouts and CodeLens, Newton School is geared up to shape a new era of futuristic learning with Artificial Intelligence at the core.

Nishant Chandra Co-founder, of Newton School said, “We witnessed fantastic success when we launched Newton AI CodeLens, an AI-powered coding tool earlier this year. We are certain that AI Tryouts will enable students to overcome critical challenges while preparing for job interviews. Backed by the foundation of immersive data and extensive amplification and training, these tools are certain to redefine the future of education and we are proud to lead the way in this transformation of learning experiences and their outcomes.”

Since its inception, Newton School has had a keen focus on enabling users to learn with industry-oriented projects with live classes and projects that give hands-on experience to students. With mentors working in companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft students get industry-relevant knowledge.

“We have placed more than 2500+ students in companies like Zomato, Deloitte, Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and many more. These placements have been possible due to our reverse-engineered curriculum that teaches industry’s ‘in-demand’ skills. This is complemented by dedicated interview preparation modules which include unlimited mock interview sessions with experts and company-specific prep, that enable students to build confidence and rehearse even the toughest technical interviews in real-time. The Newton AI Tryouts has been designed keeping in mind that such preparation needs to be accessible to all”, Chandra added.

Newton AI Tryouts (, is a one-of-its-kind tool in the field, with more than 95% accuracy rate. It is specifically designed to bring in a significant shift in the way students prepare for interviews. The groundbreaking tool will empower students in honing their interview skills before appearing for a human-led mock interview by providing interactive voice-based practice sessions with real-time tailor-made feedback to help students address critical use cases including company-specific prep for aspiring developers, HR interview prep, resume question prep, and more.

To encourage students to learn on the go, Newton School also recently launched an AI-powered coding tool named Newton AI CodeLens, marking a milestone in adopting learning with AI. Chandra said, “The tool uses natural language processing to provide clear explanations for complex programming questions, providing real-time guidance with concept visualization, debugging support, and syntax hints. Newton AI CodeLens enables users to implement these learnings in real-time and improve their command on programming topics and languages on the go.”

Newton AI CodeLens is powered by advanced GPT-4 large language models and offers learners and developers an exceptional opportunity to refine their coding skills. Newton AI CodeLens leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to help students learn coding in a more effective and efficient way. The tool is designed to align with Newton School’s vision of making high-quality technology education accessible to all by providing exposure to industry-engineered projects, AI-first learning experiences, and dedicated placement assistance.

The tool can be experienced by visiting Newton School’s “Question of the Day” ( ) – an open platform for coders to practice different questions and top leaderboards.

The rapid advancements in AI technology have brought about transformative changes across industries, and education is no exception. Newton School is committed to nurturing the top 1% of software developers of tomorrow, and the suite of AI tools is a testament to the institute’s dedication to delivering innovative learning modules to students. By harnessing the power of AI, Newton School aims to elevate better prospects in a dynamic and competitive job market. The tools are live and open to all and not restricted to Newton students alone.