NexAEI introduces Facial Recognition in its Smartphone Application Globally

Kolkata: NexAEI, a simple and effective employee attendance and workplace productivity application, has finally announced the launch date of an integrated facial recognition technology. This technology is scheduled to be released on the 7th of February.

NexAEI is a Kolkata based start-up that was incepted with the aim to digitally transform the human resource management and workplace tech landscape, for good. Ability to recognize multiple faces right from a mobile application and authenticate them at ultra-speed will be a game changer, and disrupt the process of attendance-capturing and visitor administration rendering PC and hardware-based solutions redundant and obsolete. Facial imaging based authentication is recognized as the most natural way of identity verification and is full proof against fraud and proxy.

This HR Tech platform is a first-of-its-kind mobile application that assists in capturing and processing employee, visitor, vendor, and material information right from the front office. This pioneering solution has been designed and developed by a Kolkata based start-up, founded by Mr. Soumen Sarkar, a seasoned technology entrepreneur from the city with a dedicated team of 18, consisting of developers, designers and marketing professionals. The venture was founded in early 2017. The tool will do away with traditional ways of registering attendance, time keeping, presence and identity management, and deliver a superior user experience by leveraging the ubiquitous smart phones and tablets.

A few finger taps on the device installed at the reception-desk is all that is required for employees and visitors to check-in/out of the office campus. For personnel on the move the GPS based attendance enables gathering attendance from any outdoor location. This high-tech application is designed to take the load off the HR and Admin departments by offering them instant access to information through a centralized data source.

This cutting-edge mobile application also empowers employees by enabling individuals to access their check-in/check-out timestamps, leave and attendance information from anywhere and at any time, and most importantly on a self-service mode. This user-friendly platform also makes leave applications, outdoor duty and remote work easy by sending quick notifications to managers for approvals. The most delightful aspect of this application is that employees can easily check their leave balance, and use their discretion to manage their holidays.

Soumen Sarkar, Founder and CEO, NexAEI, explains, “We needed a centralized system that could accurately capture and process all employee, vendor and customer information right from the front office. Our vision was to pave the way for heightened connectedness, engagement, transparency, and satisfaction, while enhancing the overall organizational performance. To achieve all of this, we designed and developed one simple solution – NexAEI, or Next Generation Advanced Engagement Interface – an application that can get the job done anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps.”

He adds, “This solution is now backed with an integrated facial recognition technology, a first-of-its-kind in Kolkata. For the first time, with facial recognition, Kolkata’s workspace is all set to witness a paradigm shift – a shift that will transform the way organizations operate today.”

With the help of this state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, there is no need for thumb impressions, registers or ID cards anymore. Employees can now simply walk in, scan their face and enter their digitized office space and start working.