Next lectures in the IKS course to unearth ancient rock-cut and temple architectural styles of India

Gandhinagar: Covering another set of fascinating topics, the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) elective course by the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) will host two lectures on ‘Rock-cut Edifices of India: Understanding Distinct Architectural Styles’ and ‘Structural Temples of India: Their Origin, Development and Diversification’ on March 24 and 25, 2021, from 3:05 to 4 pm (IST).

Prof V N Prabhakar, Associate Professor of Archaeology at IITGN and former Director of Exploration & Excavation and Institute of Archaeology at the Archaeological Survey of India, will deliver the online lectures. As a professional archaeologist, Dr Prabhakar conducted excavations at Harappan archaeological sites in Rupnagar (Punjab) and Karanpura (Rajasthan). Earlier, he led the exploration, excavation, conservation and preservation of 166 nationally important heritage structures, including the World Heritage Properties of Ajanta and Ellora Caves. He also headed the Institute of Archaeology, ASI’s academic wing, imparting education in archaeology, heritage management and museology.


Both lectures by Dr Prabhakar will take participants on a virtual tour of these architectural masterpieces, built centuries ago with utmost craftsmanship and precision. In his first lecture on ‘Rock-cut Edifices of India: Understanding Distinct Architectural Styles’, Dr Prabhakar will highlight the origins, spread and influence of various architectural styles on rock-cut architecture in India, including Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu religious structures. The second lecture on ‘Structural Temples of India: Their Origin, Development and Diversification’ will present evidence of the earliest religious structures found in the Indian subcontinent and the amalgamation of different architectural styles in Indian temples while explaining their development, uniqueness and similarities.


The IKS course is open to students and anyone interested in India’s knowledge systems and cultural heritage. They can join the course for free by filling an online registration form on the website: All lectures will be livestreamed on IITGN’s YouTube channel.

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