NGMA opens up its lawns and gallery spaces for public viewing free of cost for two hours every Saturday and Sunday starting from tomorrow

New Delhi: NGMA is enlivening people’s museum experience by opening up its lawns and gallery spaces to the public every Saturday and Sunday starting from tomorrow. This will be open free of cost for public viewing during 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM on every weekend. NGMA will showcase range of activities including specially curated shows, art and photography sessions, film screenings, poetry, music, dance, and theatre performances, workshops and an afternoon with well- known artists, poets, and authors. The guest of honortomorrow i.e.2January will be the iconic artist, Shri Jatin Das who will also inaugurate the Sketching Club.

The year 2021 is expected to be a special year in NGMA’s history. Curatorial activities are in full swing for the exhibitions that will be launched early this year. On the cards is a Nandalal Bose retrospective, the showcasing of the exceptional Air India Collection and the treasures of modern Indian art, the retrospective of RamkinkarBaij and Amrita Shergil, and an exhibition of Tantra Art. The exhibitions will be held in Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. Kolkata will also be the venue for a group show of about a hundred young artists. The Red Fort will be the site of a unique art residency that will see the co-creation of artistic expressions by traditional and contemporary artists. The Red Fort experiencewill be replicated in Srinagarwhere another immersive workshop and exhibition has been planned.

This is not all. Visual documentation of the living art legends, an Art Journal, creation of a vibrant online platform, an art cafe, a reimagining of all the physical spaces, creation of a world class museum shop, a state- of- the- art Sound and Light show are also in different stages of planning and Implementation.



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