Night Before the Exam

Do you have an exam, or a session and not a single day passes without nervous cramming of textbooks? There is still so much to learn, and the exam tomorrow? But what to do? Go head to school or go to bed calmly? We know the answer to this oooh very difficult question. So read our tips further.

What to Do the Night Before an Exam?


“Tomorrow the exam on the English language and they advise you to relax here!” – you probably thought so. But let us tell you a secret – you already know everything. All information about the sacraments and participles is already “put aside” in your head and if necessary, you will remember it without any problems (only if you taught everything, and if not, then this advice is not for you at all). So let yourself relax. Take a bath with the bombs, read a book, or go visit your granny. Give your brain a rest before such an important day.

Repeat Material

If you can’t relax, and textbooks screaming from the shelf: “Teach! Repeat! ”, Do not give you rest, then repeat the material. But try to set the norm – in an hour you must pass one test or repeat one ticket. Repeated the topic – take a break.


How to remember the material so that on the day of the exam recall it without any problems? There are different opinions: someone for cramming, someone against, someone teaches at night, and someone repeats everything on the day of the exam! We, for example, are categorically against cramming. The most effective way to memorize, we consider “mnemonics.” The complex name hides an association familiar to all of us from childhood. For example, you need to remember a formula. Try to look at it from a different angle and read it like a word. The more indecent a word is, the easier it will be remembered!

Prepare Everything in Advance

Evening routine gatherings can really relax you. Check to see if the pens write, look again at what you can take with you for the exam, prepare clothes and shoes – this will distract your busy brain a bit. Another plus: you won’t have to panic in the morning, because you will take care of everything the night before. By the way, if you love to “sleep another 5 minutes” after the alarm rings, it’s better to get it about 15-20 minutes earlier, so you certainly won’t be late.

Awake your Brain

The exam morning a priori cannot be joyful and cheerful, but everything is in your hands. Of course, we do not offer you to repeat the material an hour before the exam – this can only be confusing. So forget about the textbooks this morning and turn on your favorite music. You can even pre-prepare a playlist with songs that will make you a little happier before the exam, and turn it on while you wash, have breakfast and get dressed. Music will warm your brain and prepare it for information processing.

Have a Good Breakfast

Almost 4 hours of exam, plus time to travel: you still can not afford to eat. Breakfast is, in principle, the most important meal, but on such a day, it certainly cannot be avoided. Hunger can remind yourself at the most inopportune moment. So porridge, scrambled eggs with vegetables or cottage cheese with honey in the morning are excellent options in order not to fly away with thoughts to juicy cheeseburgers right during the exam.

Read Something Easy

Yes, we do not advise you to cram the material directly for the exam (and repeat this a few more times, do not switch), but this is like in sports – before every good workout, you need at least a short workout. And if you don’t have music, then reading will not hurt either. Just nothing complicated: look through the news, go over the article that has been hanging in your bookmarks for a long time, re-read a couple of pages from your favorite book (what if it comes in handy).

Do What You See Fit

In the end, we are all different. Someone will be happy to collect things in the evening, someone will prepare a royal breakfast for themselves in the morning, and someone will want to get a book they loved from childhood on the shelf. Do what pleases, helps to concentrate and at least serves as a little distraction for you.

Fall Asleep

Be sure, be sure and be sure to sleep again! If you study and repeat the material you have learned all night, then most likely you will fail the exam. Because the information that you will be crammed at night will not “be deposited” in your head, and you will spend all your strength in vain.

What not to do?

Do not Panic

Even if this is an exam in mathematics, and you are a humanist to the bone! Reassure yourself that you simply can’t get away from it. Take it for granted or as a test of yourself. Do not try to cram. It will not lead to anything good and will not help in the exam!

Do not Watch TV Shows

The most crucial moment has come, and you can’t concentrate and remember the elementary rule? Everything is clear, you watched the series yesterday … Now, instead of the necessary information, you will think about why Ezra did not marry Ariya at all or why Jughead did not eat a single burger for the entire first season. Have you thought about this? Exactly.

… Or Still, Watch One Episode

Everyone is different, and someone watched on the eve of the series can really bring the wrong way. However, it all depends on the person. For example, imagine that one episode can bring you luck on the exam. Self-hypnosis? Naturally! It is unlikely that 10 years ago, the scriptwriters suspected that their series would bring someone good luck before the exam. However, auto-suggestion is very important, so do whatever works for you.

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