NIRAMAI & ROCHE to host a webinar on Lung Cancer

New Delhi: NIRAMAI Health Analytix in association with Roche has organised a live awareness webinar on the topic ‘Lung Cancer – Diagnosis & Treatment.’ The webinar will be an overview of the diagnosis and treatment options for patients with lung cancer.

This webinar will discuss how lung cancer can be diagnosed as early as possible, current treatment options for patients, and prognosis. We have the foremost expert Dr. Kiran PK is currently practising at JSS Medical College & Hospital, Mysore, who will explain symptoms of lung cancer, risk factors and better diagnostic options for lung cancer. The expert will also discuss how cancer cells become resistant to treatment.

Dr. Kiran comes with five years of experience as an Oncologist and has worked with leading hospitals such as Pratham Health Care, Healthcare Global Enterprise Hospital, Bangalore as Medical Consultant. He specializes as a Medical Oncologist with special interest in Breast Cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Sarcomas, Hematological cancer. His qualifications are MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DNB (Medical Oncology)


The webinar will provide information and advice on lung cancer. Participants can join the webinar live from the comfort of their own home or access a recording after the event. The participants will have an opportunity to interact with the speaker via an online presentation and live Q&A.

Date: 20th August 2021

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm