NIRDPR aims to get different sectors of Society to contribute towards Rural Development

Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) is working towards getting people in different sections of the society to contribute towards Rural Development in India. Towards this, it is actively engaging various stakeholders across India.

The Institute is now collaborating with Professionals from the Project Management Institute, a not-for-profit professional membership, on a nation-building initiative. The corporate professionals have been roped in to document and ‘projectize’ successful rural development projects in villages and communities to enable their successful replication in parts of the country.

The Team from Project Management Institute have already visited Ralegaon Siddhi Village and Hiware Bazar village in Maharashtra where they have taken up documenting three successful projects in Education and Environment.

Further, NIRDPR is also collaborating with Mission Samriddhi on various activities. Mission Samriddhi is a social impact enterprise dedicated to holistic human development in India, through the design and development of projects that are sustainable and capable of scale to positively impact the larger population.

Sharing his thoughts on the role various sections of the society can play in Rural Development, Dr. W.R. Reddy IAS, Director-General, NIRDPR, said, “There are numerous well-meaning people, who want and can contribute for the strengthening of Panchayat system and thus good governance by bringing in professionalism and evidence based policy drive. NIRDPR will become a platform for harnessing, connecting, catalysing such energy and thus become a focal point for all such interested persons/professionals/agencies who can join hands for sustainable and accelerated rural development”

Among the other projects were people from various sectors are contributing to National Development include:

1. NALLORE VATTAM – A voluntary organization working on five areas of development including

Ø School/College students (Student power)

Ø Vilages


Ø Social VIPs

Ø Women Power

Nallore Vattam Founder Mr. M.A. Balasubramanian said, “One person in every village should be identified to take up responsibility for village development. We are going to identify this person in all 12,524 Village Panchayats in Tamil Nadu. Towards this, we have already started working in 320 villages towards Gram Panchayat Development Programs. Our organization links the people with resources such as corporates to these villages.”

2. DIGI HEALTH PLATFORM – It has developed Smart Healtcare devices to deliver services at doorsteps of the rural populace

The organization has developed Bluetooth-enabled devices to measure basic non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes and blood pressure), and also collect demographic and healthcare data with almost no entry.

Digi Health Platform (DHP) NCD (In-Charge) Mr. L. Satyanarayan explains, “We have shared our devices to around 100 NGOs across India that cover nearly 25,000 people. Our devices can scan the Aadhaar Card of the person and get all demographic data, which are combined with the healthcare data obtained thorugh the devices. This complely does away with data entry and ensures accuracy of data collection. With the help of Institutions like NIRDPR, we want to reach every village in India”


Mission Samriddhi has launched community development framework for holistic rural transformation. The platform will enable these grassroots organizations to connect and collaborate, thereby further accelerating the development of communities across sectors and regions in the country. It brings together over 150 Development Accelerators from 18 States towards Holistic Rural Development.

Mission Samriddhi’s approach to rural development is based on Thinking (Design Thinking), Research, Education and Advocacy leading to Development – THREAD. After 3 years of listening, observing and dialoging with several thought leaders, institutions and experts through Design Thinking workshops in Livelihood, Agriculture, Education, Health, Local Governance and after understanding the 73rd Amendment, the RGSA, the NCBF, Mission Samriddhi has attempted to evolve such a development framework. A Development Framework based on Personal, Social, Economic, Ecological and Institutional Empowerment of our Gram Panchayats

Mission Samriddhi is already working in clusters in Wardha, (Maharashtra), and Sonbhadra & Baghpat (UP) to develop beacon com-munity republics by applying the D1 to D7 Community Development Framework. In addition, Mission Samriddhi has partnered with the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (NIRDPR) to establish beacon GP clusters in 10 of the identified 150 – 3 in Maharashtra, 4 in Chattisgarh and 3 in Assam for strengthening institutional capability of the GPs through Young Fellows over a period of 3 years.

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