NISA demands for resignation of Prakash Javadekar, the union HRD minister


New Delhi 30 March. National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) has sought immediate resignation of union Human Resource Minister; Shri Prakash Javadekar for his failure to conduct fair examination.

The national president of the alliance, Shri Kulbhushan Sharma said, “CBSE paper leak has caused immense stress to our children. We have time and again requested the CBSE through various representation that the board should restrict its role to its core objective which is to conduct the examination of students. Under political pressure CBSE got deviated from its core focus and started to act like a regulator. Since the CBSE functions under MHRD, we see it as failure of government and demand immediate resignation of the HRD minister, Shri Prakash Javadekar.”

The national coordinator of the alliance, Amit Chandra said, “The incident of CBSE paper leak is just an indicator of failure of government to give fair and transparent governance in education. There has to be clear separation of role within governance of education. There should be independent and autonomous institutions for regulation, financing and assessment of education. As long as the all three roles are controlled by MHRD, incidents such as CBSE paper leak would continue to happen.”

It is important to bring to notice that NISA in collaboration with NCSE has launched Shiksha Bachao Abhiyan (Save Education Campaign) to demand student centric reforms in school education. Campaign aims to restore Shiksha, Suraksha and Samman (Education, Safety and Dignity) of all stakeholders in education. The alliance aims to bring 1 lakh people to Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Saturday, 07 April 2018.