NISA and NAAT Awards facilitate scholarships and awards to 24 outstanding students from budget private schools

New Delhi: National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) – a pan-India alliance of 36 state associations across 24 states comprising of 55000 schools, on Saturday organised the National Analytical Aptitude Test (NAAT) Awards 2018, to facilitate awards and scholarships to 24 outstanding students who excelled the NAAT conducted across 14 states in India. NAAT is a holistic examination designed to test the aptitude of applying conceptual knowledge to solve real-world problems and logical reasoning capabilities along with English and Maths skills.

The award ceremony brought together more than 250 education stakeholders and enthusiasts, including academia, industry experts, school leaders, teachers, students, and parents to recognize the 24 top performers. The students were awarded scholarships and educational tablets to support their continuing education amidst prominent personalities, encouraging and recognizing their academic commitment.

Elucidating on the concept of NAAT, Kulbhushan Sharma, President, NISA,explained that “the NAAT examination is an initiative of NISA for Budget Private Schools across the country. NAAT will emerge as an instrument to identify the outstanding students through student’s assessments and examinations along with recognizing the model schools among the Budget Private Schools cluster. Along with the students, the participatory schools will be eligible for the assessments and for NISA’s Holistic School Empowerment Program. Through this rigorous assessment process, NISA aims to build the quality and competition among schools which and hopes to facilitate quality education at affordable cost to the students.”

Elaborating further, Madhusudhan Sadula, NAAT Coordinator, NISA explained that “the overarching vision for NAAT also includes providing on-going mentorship and scholarships for selected students along with engineering a comprehensive school improvement plan for the participating schools thatplayapivotal role in improving the quality of education for those at the bottom of the pyramid.”

The Top 90 schools, identified through the assessment process will serve as pilot schools for NISA Holistic School Empowerment Program (HSEP). These schools will become model schools to understand how low-cost private schools can play a vital role in Indian education system.