NIT Andhra Pradesh 3D Printing and Design Programme aims to strengthen Institute Innovation-entrepreneurship eco-system

Hyderabad: National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh is working to nurture globally-competent electrical engineers through quality education, research and innovation and develop cutting edge technologies in the areas of three-dimensional printing and Computer-aided design. Towards this, the Institute organized a five-day online training in ‘3D Printing and Design’ between 26th and 30th July 2021.

‘3D Printing’ is a method of creating a three-dimensional object layer-by-layer using a computer created design CAD and 3D Printing are important tools for research and development, prototyping and design testing therefore it become essential for scholars to know the basics of 3D Printing and Design looking to pursue careers in manufacturing sectors.

The Top Outcomes envisaged from this five-day Online Training include:

Ø Awareness on current and emerging 3D Printing applications in variety of industries

Ø Enhance the skillset and identify opportunities of 3D Printing

Ø CAD of various physical models

Ø Computer-Aided Manufacturing tools like slicing for 3D printing, and post processing methods

Ø 3D Printer machine maintenance and operation

Ø Prototype demonstration and hands-on experience

The Program was organized by Department of Electrical Engineering and Centre for Research Innovation Incubation and Consultancy (CRIIC) at NIT Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with BITSILICA, Hyderabad.

The Centre for Research Innovation Incubation and Consultancy (CRIIC) of NIT Andhra Pradesh aims to strengthen the research profile of the institute and acts as an interface for all the research projects and consultancy works. BITSILICA is a Semiconductor Solutions Startup established to provide niche VLSI Design & Verification Solutions, Automotive Safety Solutions and Edge Computing Solutions & Services to the Semiconductor Industry across the world.

Addressing the inaugural event, Prof. C.S.P. Rao, Director, NIT Andhra Pradesh, said, “3D printing or additive manufacturing technology is widely used in Aerospace, Defence and Health equipment. He described the evolution of 3D printing technology using practical examples. He also highlights the biomaterials used to fabricate the biomedical parts and how bioinks are used to create tissue-like structures. He addressed the importance of hands-on skill development programmes in prototype fabrication and congratulated the Department of Electrical Engineering for organizing the event in collaboration with BITSILICA.”

Recognizing the importance of 3D Printing and Design which has grown over the years due to several factors, NIT Andhra Pradesh organized the programme for researchers to adopt effective technology into teaching and learning strategies by faculty that result in observable students achievement to nurture creative thinking with understanding engineering principles and develop real-time solutions for global problems with industry collaboration.

Describing the objectives of workshop ‘3D Printing & Design’ on 26th July 2021, Dr. V. Sandeep, Associate Dean (Industrial Outreach and International Affairs), NIT Andhra Pradesh, said, “This workshop is intended to enhance the students’ skill set in new and emerging technologies and also to create and awareness on 3D Printing applications in variety of industries and opportunities in future. Further, the interdisciplinary learning approach is becoming essential to design on innovative products. The institute is looking forward to conduct collaborative programs with industry partners. Special thanks to BITSILICA, Hyderabad for their technical support and expertise.”

The other speakers include Dr. T. Ramesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering , NIT Andhra Pradesh and Dr. P. Sankar, Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Andhra Pradesh, who gave insights on 3D Printing to work in emerging areas and develop sustainable technologies & innovations in the electrical engineering field.

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