NIT Rourkela organized an event themed “Tribal Heroes in India’s Freedom Struggle”


NIT Rourkela in association with the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST), Steel Authority of India Limited, and Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram organized an event today on “Tribal Heroes in India’s Freedom Struggle” from 4.00 pm onwards and honoured a memoir of a day dedicated to the Janjati Samaj and their immense contributions towards India’s journey for freedom. The event aimed to promote and give tribute to the tales of valor and patriotism and remember all those struggles and sacrifices made by our Tribal Heroes to free India.

Chief Guest for the event Shri Ananta Nayak Ji, Hon’ble Member, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes inaugurated the event. He addressed the gathering and said, “When the British started to expand their empire in India they were not expecting the Tribal Community to revolt against them. They were shocked to see how without having proper education a community is planning a war and has developed such fine weapons to fight and how they stand so united. The community values and teachings are so rich and deeply rooted that even today it is popularly followed in many regions of the country. Traditional Knowledge is just not about education, it is inclusive of education, health, social development agriculture, etc. I urge the student of NIT Rourkela to come up with new ideas and platforms for the inclusion of tribal societies with the rest of the world so that their organic creation and knowledge can support them economically and contribute more towards national development.”

The program included a Film on the journey of Tribal Heroes by the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes. The coordinator of the event, Prof. Ramakrishna Biswal briefed on the details of the programme and its relevance. Shri V. Ashok Vardhan (Assistant Director, NCST) also informed the audience about NCST and its activities along with explaining its motto of Asmita (Self Esteem), Astitva (Identity) and Vikas (Growth). A speech on ‘Tribal Heroes in India’s Freedom Struggle’ was then delivered by Prof. Kautuka Pandar (Govt. College, Bolangir, Odisha) as a Chief Speaker of the event. He first started with a local folk song and then explained its relation of it to an unknown tribal village, Kotpalli of Odisha. He further talked about freedom fighter Madho Singh, the unsung hero of Odisha, who devoted his life to the freedom struggle. He then said, “There are many unsung tales of brave tribal warriors in every corner of the state and country. Tribal warriors, despite having proper education and many problems surrounding them, raised their weapons against the enemy, because they loved their motherland, people, and culture. Their devotion to protecting the country will be remembered forever.”

Chairperson of the event, Prof. K. Umamaheshwar Rao (Director, NIT Rourkela) inaugurated the Exhibition showcasing Tribal Heroes of the country and addressed the gathering. He said, “We have lost connection with our heroes as we hardly have time to read the great stories and history. Still today a marginalized society is not connected to the mainstream. Let us all take responsibility to uplift them and create a better world for everyone. We must not take this freedom for granted and forget the contribution of heroes like Bhagwan Birsa Munda Ji and many other. We must hold our identity and our values and always acknowledge the sacrifices of our freedom fighters”

The event witnessed a gathering of students, faculty, and staff of NIT Rourkela along with the members of NCST and Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. Shri Bhaskar Singh coordinated the event as a representative from NCST Team. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. Rohan Dhiman (Registrar, NIT Rourkela). The representatives of NCST interacted with students and enlightened them about rich traditions, folk songs and stories and how the tribal society of India has always been an integral part of Indian civilization and culture with its unique traditions and high virtues of life.

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