NITI Ayog appreciates ‘Piyo Doodh-Bano Mazboot’ campaign in quarantine centers to boost immunity

Raipur: NITI Ayog has praised the ‘Piyo Doodh-Bano Mazboot Campaign’ being conducted in the quarantine centers of aspirational districts Dantewada on the occasion of World Milk Day. NITI Ayog has tweeted photo of the quarantine center with caption that A-2 Golden Milk with turmeric is being provided in quarantine centers of Dantewada as per the guidelines of Ayush Ministry, to boost immunity of people.

It is noteworthy that boosting immunity is being underlined as an important way to prevent corona virus infection. Keeping this in view, ayurvedic potions, green vegetables and other immunity boosting food products are being provided in quarantine centers under the guidance of Dantewada Collector Mr. Deepak Soni. Milk contains protien and other nutrients important for human body. Every day consumption of milk boosts our immunity and saves us from diseases. Besides, consuming turmeric milk, popularly known as golden milk further boosts immunity. Hence, A2 Golden Milk was distributed in quarantine centers by Livestock Development Department on the occasion of World Milk Day on June 1.