Nitin Potdar’s GPS Paradigm: The Definitive M&A and JV Playbook

Mumbai: The GPS Paradigm for successful mergers, acquisitions & Joint Ventures, a unique inorganic growth roadmap designed and developed by renowned M&A Lawyer Nitin Potdar, Partner J. Sagar Associates, was released on April 6,2021 at the coveted Kainach International Forum by Dr. Gregory Leman, Founding Director of Baylor University Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative; Franz Kolb, Director of Trade and Diplomacy, Utah, USA; and Mukund Karanjikar, PhD, a visiting fellow in energy innovations ecosystem at Harvard University.

Nitin’s GPS Paradigm is for Business Founders, Leaders, Bankers, Finance Heads, Legal Professionals and Students. Dr. Leman observed on the occasion, “The pace of innovation demands new modes of operation across businesses. GPS is a singular work rooted in unflinching principles and saturated with enduring wisdom. As a mentor to change agents and their long-time fellow traveler, I highly recommend this fresh voice to anyone who, in the words of its author, wants to be the change, not merely drive it.”

In his incisive foreword to the book, veteran chartered accountant Shailesh Haribhakti observes that ‘the GPS Paradigm is a robust, practical, dependable, and immensely energizing master algorithm for achieving measurable and sustainable business success in a post-COVID world thriving on disruptive innovation” Disruptive innovation amid perpetual unpredictability is the New Normal, and in fact the DNA of Gen-Next Techpreneurs! The book outlines how to deal with unnerving uncertainty all around us and enables companies across sectors and spheres to thrive (not merely survive), stay relevant, and ensure sustainable growth. GPS represents three interwoven pre-requisites that founders, and business managers must ensure: One, securing Ground Intelligence before even thinking any M&A or initiation of JVs talks; Two, forging Unconventional Partnerships; and three, designing Strategic Solutions. The tenets of GPS Paradigm apply to all types of M&As and JVs (in all variants) across all industries and service sectors. Simply put, this book is for those mavericks who, more than merely driving the change, are aspiring to be the change.

Endorsing the book, Robert B. Ahdieh, Dean Texas A&M University of Law School says, “Nitin Potdar’s GPS Paradigm is a seminal contribution to the futurist and experimentalist literature in law and finance. It is a definitive solution framework for steering successful M&As and JVs in a world of perpetual disruption, whether triggered by constant technological breakthroughs or transient biological invasions like the Covid-19 pandemic.” PR Ramesh, Former Chairman Deloitte India observes, “In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, a monumental disruption led by the fusion of physical, digital and biological domains is pushing organizations towards a new normal of inorganic growth. Nitin unfolds a refreshing and practical framework for steering corporate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures going forward. The business challenges are lucidly explained, and the strategies to avoid failures are well articulated. A ‘must read’ for everyone in business and profession”

Vishwas Mahajan, Former Global Trustee recommends the book in these apt words “For the young Turks of the business world, a deep study of the GPS Paradigm is an absolute must if they wish to further their unicorn aspirations in an environment of perpetual uncertainty.”. Daksesh Parikh, Executive Editor Business India says, “A novel way of assessing possible acquisition targets. Out of box thinking tops the traditional metrics. Rare insights from an insider”.

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