NMIMS Shirpur Campus reduces carbon footprint by 1576 tonnes per year, one of its kind “Green Campus”



Shirpur: SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Shirpur Campus has become one of its kind green campuses with a reduction of carbon emissions by 1,576 tonnes per year. The campus has achieved this by installing a solar plant with a capacity to generate 4 kWh units per day, accumulating 1000 kW of green energy with an average of three hundred days of operations per year.


The Shirpur campus has also set up a rainwater harvesting facility to conserve water in the rainy season for use on dry days of the summer season. Apart from maintaining a high level below the groundwater table, the rainwater harvesting facility also helps irrigate trees and plants, thus reducing dependence on any external water source. Therefore, this rainwater harvesting facility at the NMIMS’s Shirpur campus helps balance the ecological ecosystem.


Dr Akshay Malhotra, Director, NMIMS Shirpur, said, “It is our utmost responsibility to live in a manner that is in harmony with nature. This is especially important during these times, when we have started experiencing first-hand the consequences of global warming. As an educational campus, we feel it is our responsibility that our students live in, and are themselves part of, an ecosystem that is congruous with nature, so that all of them become agents of positive and meaningful change when they head into the outside world.”

The green initiatives taken by the campus manifest a true reflection of nature’s friend on the earth. A garden developed inside the campus uses organic manure to grow organic fruits and vegetables. The use of organic manure prevents the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus maintaining soil fertility.


The organic manure also contributes to improved soil structure, resulting in better water infiltration and greater water-holding capacity leading to decreased crop water stress, increased nutrient retention, and soil erosion.


The campus is a true harbinger of God’s creation of natural beauty. The beauty multiples with the campus taking the initiative of planting 8000 Neem trees in and around the campus. Additionally, the medicinal herbs grown in the Herbal Garden constitutes an integral part of the natural environment and agri-ecosystem.


For managing waste, the campus has set up a Sewage Treatment and Waste Management plant with a capacity of 700-900 KLPD. Additionally, a water filtration plant is installed to extract impurities and fetch pure water throughout the campus.


With a focus on promoting zero carbon emission, the campus has put in electric and battery-operated vehicles for the transportation of students. Compared to the diesel or petrol operated vehicles that emit obnoxious gases into the environment, the electric vehicles put in service within the Shirpur campus help reduce carbon emissions.


Thus, for a brighter future for the generations to come, the NMIMS’ Shirpur campus strives to become the greenest campus in India.