Nobel Laureate Shared the Recipes of the Future Economy with Students

Ural Federal University students of the International Economics and Business Program took part in Social Business Students Forum 2020. The event was held under the slogan “The Role of Youth in Fighting Poverty, Unemployment and Reducing Carbon Footprint” and was attended by over 200 students from different countries.

The international group of students of the program joined the global community of students-economists to exchange views and ideas in the field of social business. International economists had an exclusive opportunity to meet with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and discuss projects for education and the economy of the future.

“I learned a lot of new information about the ways that different countries struggle with their social problems. It is cool to realize that you get reliable information from insiders,” said sophomore Veronica Sapogova.

According to her, the Nobel laureate raised some of the most pressing issues for economists around the world: how to build a business, how to make it useful to society, how to earn money and at the same time help people, how to avoid risks.

In addition to serious discussions, the organizers introduced a special section Coffee Hours. During the section, participants communicated globally on various topics and demonstrated their talents – some people sang, some danced or read poems.

“It created an atmosphere of coziness and friendliness. At such moments you realize how great it is to be part of the whole world, albeit remotely,” added a student Christina Rabinzon.

Students of the International Economics and Business Program can become Russian co-organizers of five areas of the next Social Business Students Forum.