NODA Labs hosts SilkOne Interact to Build a Cyber Bridge For Indian and Korean Agri-Food Businesses

New Delhi: NODA Labs, together with the Korea Importers Association (KOIMA), will host its first “SilkOne Interact from February 22-26, 2021” to connect the Indian agri-food exporters and the prospective importers from Korea. SilkOne Interact is an online 1:1 business matchmaking event that connects Indian agri-food exporters and Korean importers via online videoconference.

NODA Labs is a trade data analytics company that operates “KFoodBuyers” (, an online B2B (Business-to-Business) business service platform that provides actionable market intelligence on the Korean agri-food market and direct sales engagement services to enable international suppliers to transact directly with the Korean agri-food importers. With KFoodBuyers’ most up-to-date business intelligence of more than 54,000 active Korean agri-food importers, SilkOne Interact will be the most efficient and fastest way for Indian exporters to expand their market in Korea during this challenging COVID-19 era.

SilkOne Interact will arrange a 1:1 online business meeting between qualified participating Indian exporters and Korean importers vetted by KOIMA, which is equipped with a professional English-Korean interpretation service. As an additional perk, NODA Labs will provide participating Indian exporters complimentary one-year access to “KFoodBuyers,” a great tool for participants to conduct research on the Korean agri-food market.

Participating Indian exporters will be able to connect to the Korean agri-food market, the 4th largest agri-food import-dependent market that has imported 21 billion USD worth of products from overseas in 2019. Korean market would be the new market with great business opportunities for Indian exporters. NODA Labs expects that SilkOne Interact will be the meaningful first step for Indian exporters to reach Korean market during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

NODA Labs primarily focuses on the Indian agri-food industry and exporters that are rapidly growing with the great promotion from the Indian government. More than 350 Indian exporters are currently subscribed to “KFoodBuyers” for their Korean market research, and the number keeps rising. To assist the clients subscribed KFoodBuyers and expand the customer base in India, NODA Labs has recently incorporated a local entity in India with top professionals directly serving the clients locally.

For additional inquiries concerning SilkOne Interact and eligibility to join the service or to subscribe to KFoodBuyers service, Indian exporters may contact NODA Labs via email ( .

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