Noida International University Hosts Inaugural Annual Sports Week

Noida International University (NIU) commenced its first-ever Annual Sports Week, a three-day extravaganza featuring a myriad of sporting events involving all schools within the university. The sports week kicked off on November 22, 2023, and will culminate with a grand closing ceremony on November 24, coinciding with the celebration of NCC Day.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by the presence of the esteemed Chief Guest, Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice Chancellor of Noida International University. The event began with the symbolic Mashal ceremony, representing the light of spirit, knowledge, and life. Pro VC Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar, Registrar Dr. Mukesh Parashar, and other dignitaries were also in attendance, adding prestige to the occasion.

The sports events are divided into two segments: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor competitions featured cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and volleyball. Meanwhile, indoor games included table tennis, chess, and carroms. Track events such as the 70m race added excitement to the sports lineup.

This historic sports day marks a significant milestone for Noida International University, with the Sports Council and NCC cadets taking the lead in organizing and volunteering the entire event. The university’s Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor felicitated the Sports Council for their dedication and hard work in making the sports week a reality.

The closing ceremony on November 24 promises to be a spectacular event, featuring NCC cadres participating in various activities and cultural programs. The university campus is aglow with lights, reflecting the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

The Director of Sports, Lt. Pratima Pandey said, “This instrumental event ensures a seamless execution of both indoor and outdoor competitions. The semi-final rounds are scheduled for November 23, leading up to the grand finals on November 24, which will coincide with the closing ceremony and the celebration of NCC Day.The event has been meticulously coordinated by Aditya Tiwari, NIU Sports General Secretary,
Dheeraj Singh Rana, NIIMS General secretary, Aditya Mishra-Deputy General Secretary,
Yoginder Singh, Joint Secretary of Noida International University. They are committed to ensuring that the sports week is conducted with utmost discipline and adherence to rules. And good luck to all the participants”.