North-West University: NWU Career Centre helps students to realise their dreams

The North-West University’s (NWU’s) Career Centre is committed to help students to reach their full potential through academic development, preparation for the world of work, and finding the keys to their success.

The centre was established in 2009 to support and offer capacity development opportunities for students and alumni.

The Career Centre has since hosted various career fairs, offering students the opportunity to interact with hiring companies. Based on all three NWU campuses, it also provides a wide range of services to students and alumni, including assistance with the job search process, job interview preparation and work-readiness seminars.

The centre also provides career guidance, psychometric assessments, course change counselling, examination and test-taking strategies, to name but a few.

According to Hloni Putsoane, an employer engagement consultant at the Career Centre, one of the most popular services is how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae, as this one of the most important marketing tools to align one’s skills to a specific career opportunity.

“I wish all students would realise the importance of starting with an end-goal in mind right from their first year of studies,” he says.

“Students should not wait until they are in their final year of study before taking up our services.”

Hloni also points out some of the important benefits of taking part in the Career Centre activities. “Entering the world of work is difficult, and students need to arm themselves with the necessary soft skills to give them an edge. The Career Centre offers workshops to address these soft skills, such as learning how to work in groups, the importance of communication, student empowerment and the importance of a balanced lifestyle,” adds Hloni.

Don’t miss these upcoming Career Centre events. From 27 July 2022, the centre will be hosting a virtual career fair, allowing recruiters to engage with students to provide information about job opportunities. This will be followed by the annual Work Readiness Seminar programme which will take place from 22 to 26 August 2022.

Hloni encourages students to use of these valuable services provided by the qualified and knowledgeable Career Centre team.