North-West University: NWU’s Ikateleng on the up-and-up three decades later

After offering much-needed assistance to thousands of learners to get them ready for higher education, the North-West University’s (NWU’s) Ikateleng project is going from strength to strength.

Ikateleng – which means to empower yourself – provides supplementary teaching in mathematics, economics, business studies, accounting, life science, physical science and English to high school students from Grades 10 to 12.

The project has been running for 34 years. This year, more than 1 500 Grade 10 to 12 learners from various schools have applied and after being assessed, they became part of the Ikateleng project.

The main objective of Ikateleng is to improve learners’ overall examination results so that they can meet the admission requirements to enroll at tertiary institutions.
Learners can’t apply in their personal capacity, but – with the approval of the Department of Education – they are selected via their principals or schools within the area. Once a school agrees to participate, the learners’ marks are sourced and a selection process takes place, since spaces are limited.

As part of the minimum requirements, learners must:

achieve a 55% average and obtain at least 40% in mathematics;
qualify in the four required subjects, based on either the science or accounting stream. The subject grouping should allow them to obtain university exemption if they pass Grade 12; and
achieve at least 50% for English.
Thousands of learners have since passed their matric with flying colours and opted to study at the NWU, as was the case with Sebata Abram Mafobokoane from Evaton who scored eight distinctions.

For a glimpse of some Ikateleng highlights over the years, read here about the project’s 31st anniversary celebrations in 2019.