Norvik Bank Chooses Softline Security Operation Center To Manage Their Data Process And Protect them Against Cyberthreats

LONDON – Infosecurity, a Softline Company and specialized Russian service provider, has completed a large-scale project on the connection of Norvik Bank PJSC to an in-house information security event monitoring center, ISOC. The center will enhance the data security for the bank and its customers, meeting the requirements of the latest standards of the Central Bank of Russia.­


Since August 2021, Infosecurity’s ISOC—Information Security Operations Center—has been responsible for data processing and protection against cyberthreats at Norvik Bank PJSC. The bank has been connected to the system according to the cloud SOC model: events are handled and threats are revealed by the ISOC SIEM platform at the Infosecurity facilities. The SOC-as-a-Service model enables the bank to provide comprehensive protection of branded infrastructure and data. The assistance of recognized professionals in information security management has helped the bank safeguard itself from external threats and protect data in accordance with GOST R 57580 and PCI DSS.


“It is crucial for us to keep up with the times and ensure the proper level of protection of our customers’ funds and data. Every day, thousands of people and businesses entrust us with their personal and financial information, so connecting to Infosecurity SOC was, in our opinion, the right decision from the strategic point of view. The ISOC cloud system has increased the quality of detection and prevention of advanced cyber-attacks and enabled the compliance with industry standards,”—commented Andrey Konyakhin, Head of the Information Security Department of Norvik Bank.


The main criteria for choosing the incident monitoring and response system were performance, technological maturity, and security. At the same time, it should not impact the productivity and quality of the bank’s business processes. Connection to the Infosecurity system completely covers the needs of Norvik Bank in terms of regulatory compliance and system protection against security violations, with the possibility of early detection and prevention of cyber attacks.


“We connected the bank to our ISOC and configured the response scenarios based on real-life experience. Together with the Bank’s cybersecurity employees, the specialists of Infosecurity and Softline managed to find a comprehensive solution to the task, to do it within the agreed terms, and take into account the forecasted budget. Now we can state that the connection of the bank to the ISOC center has been a success, and start its full-scale industrial operation,”—said Alexei Yudin, CEO at the Infosecurity Monitoring Center.


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