Notebook, India’s first after-school digital learning portal today announced its free Notebook app access for all schools and students across India

New Delhi: Notebook, India’s first after-school digital learning portal today announced its free Notebook app access for all schools and students across India. It allows schools to get access to concise and engaging high-quality audio-visual teaching aids for classrooms and students to get access to the same content on their devices.

With a responsibility to enable every child to learn, Notebook is a digital content portal that allows children and parents to learn topics in their respective school syllabi through engaging videos and notes. Notebook exists to empower positive social change. Its vernacular feature allows children to learn their syllabus in their regional languages. The videos include instructor-led components as well as graphic visualization elements to reinforce storytelling. Hand-drawn illustrations, soothing music, and well thought out creative design augments the storytelling and enhance understanding and retention of topics.

Mr. Achin Bhattacharyya CEO and Founder Notebook said “At this juncture, when the entire world is going through the biggest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, as a brand we intend to stand shoulder to shoulder with every student, parent, and teacher. The entire human race is affected by this single threat which has suddenly appeared from nowhere and made us understand that the entire globe is an interconnected community wherein we can’t exist in isolation and the state of wellbeing of our neighbor is as important as our own wellbeing. Thus we have made our entire content catering to CBSE, ICSE, UP state board, West Bengal state board fully free till 31st May 2020 (and will extend the same if required).

In the given circumstance when the entire nation stands united in our resolve to defeat this pandemic and our health professionals, public representatives, bureaucrats, Police, and suppliers of essential commodities are working round the clock to keep all of us safe, I believe that this is the minimum we can do to contribute our own small bit towards the cause, Jai Hind.”

To support schools and students around the country during this time of hardship as schools go through extended periods of school closure, students can continue their school learning through the Notebook app for free during this period. Whilst the parents may be working from home or engaged in daily household chores, the school-goers in the family also should get an opportunity to get round the clock unhindered free access to best in class education from the comfort and safety of their homes. Students will be able to study all topics in their syllabus through engaging razor-sharp videos made by the best minds in school education in the country and also benefit from our unique pedagogy that revolves around the augmented storytelling approach.

Notebook also has a huge question bank for practice that the students (especially those in their board year) can benefit from. We would earnestly request parents also to be a part of this immersive learning process and encourage their children to make full use of this time.