Notice and apology regarding possible leakage of personal information due to illegal access to OU’s Residence Reservation System (RRS)

On December 1, 2020, the university discovered that personal information may have been leaked from the Residence Reservation System (RRS) due to unauthorized external access.

Communication with server was blocked and use of the RSS was suspended immediately following the discovery of this leakage, but it was found that 46,630 items entered in the system from April 2017 (when the system began operations) to December 1, 2020 were included in the leaked data of 43,213 users.

We are currently informing those who may have been affected by this incident.

The university extends its sincere apologies for the great deal of concern caused to all those who have used our accommodation facilities and for damaging their confidence.

Currently, no secondary damages related to this incident have been identified.

The university is currently investigating the cause of this incident. Once investigations have been completed, we will take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening again.