Notion Press launches – India’s first Open Access Academic Publishing Platform


New Delhi: Notion Press launches, India’s first open access academic publishing platform for academic authors to publish their work and make it available in over 100 countries. It is a launch pad for scholars, universities, researchers and research groups to publish their work, thereby providing them with an opportunity to reach wider audiences.
“Being pioneers in the academic publishing field for over 40 years, we have been instrumental in presenting over 3000 authors to international markets. We realised the importance of publishing for people from the academic and scientific community. Apart from disseminating their findings and learning, publishing their work too plays a significant role in their careers,” says Jana Pillay, Co-Founder and Director of Scholarink.
Scholarink serves as a one-stop solution for all publishing needs. From running plagiarism checks and copy-editing and the overall creation of the book to worldwide distribution, Scholarink’s 150-member team ensures that authors receive the best academic publishing services under one roof.
“Publishing adds credibility to an academician’s profile, but authors are very sceptical about approaching traditional publishers. The reasons are many – exorbitant publishing charges, forgoing of their copyrights, nil or negligent royalty etc. At Scholarink, academicians collaborate with industry experts to bring out academic content of the highest standards. With our wide distribution network, publications are made available in more than 100 countries in both print and eBook formats. The best part is that our authors enjoy the highest royalty rates of 100% of the profits from the sale of their work and all this without letting go off their copyrights,” says Naveen Valsakumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Notion Press.
Scholarink does not stop with just publishing content. We also facilitate the creation of an author brand. “Our goal is to disseminate valuable scholarly works to academicians and laymen alike and at the same time, act as the linchpin that will propel the author’s career. We know what kind of career growth publishing offers to academicians. To address both our goals, we enable Open Access Publishing wherein research findings attain a wider reach, guaranteeing better citations, as well as indexing the content on platforms of repute such as CiteSeerX, Google Scholar and OpenAIRE.” says Gautham Gopakumar, Business Manager, Scholarink.
Notion Press believes in enhancing and making the knowledge available to all, without limitations on using this knowledge to make an impact within their community by providing free access to their published work.