‘Notions of India’, a design competition by Tata Structura, announces its finalists to commemorate India’s 75th Independence Day

Mumbai : Tata Structura, the leading structural hollow section brand from Tata Steel, had launched the 2nd edition of ‘Notions of India’ design competition on March 3, 2021 in the presence of Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Trusts and Chairman Emeritus Tata Sons, and N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman Tata Group.

Notions of India encourages architects and engineers to design an iconic sculpture, preferably using YST 355 steel hollow sections, that signifies the vision and journey of India into the future.

The competition, spanning over five months, witnessed over 5200 registrations and participants from 13 countries who gave shape to their imagination, embodying the idea of India – today and tomorrow, and which will serve as a visual treat and a reminder for years to come.

With over 575 submissions, the rigorous selection includes five levels of Juries comprising India’s most respected architects and engineers including Dhananjay Dake, Balan Nambiar, Sanjeev Kumar Lohia, Prof. K Jaisim, Hariom Gera, P Surya Prakash, Sheila Sri Prakash, and Anurag Sinha to name a few.

Rajeev Singhal, Vice President, Flats Products, Tata Steel, said: “Tata Steel is committed to building a new India. Competitions like ‘Notions of India’ will inspire young talented architects and engineers to innovate and explore a future of possibilities, enabled by steel. Congratulations to all the finalists and participants for their wonderful effort. I also convey my gratitude to the eminent Jury to have partnered with us on this journey.”


Sanjay S Sahni, Executive-in-Charge Tubes, said: “Notions of India is a global design competition to celebrate steel’s versatility, strength and aesthetic appeal through creation of iconic structures in major cities. The competition reinforces the mission of Tata Structura to enable contemporary architectural marvels and innovative solutions of tomorrow. It is heartening to see the design community rise to the challenge and one gets to see India and its myriad hues find expression in each and every entry.”

A total of twelve leading designs, based on the evaluation by four rounds of juries, were shortlisted as the finalists and revealed on August 15, 2021, India’s 75th Independence Day. The final winners will be announced on October 2, 2021.


Sr. No. Design Name Firm Name Lead Architect/s
1 AGNI Axiom India Amit Sharma
2 NATIONAL UNITY PAVILLION Collaborative Architecture Lalita Tharani

Mujib Ahmad

3 GARLAND OF FLOWERS Head Studio Aditya Pratap Soni
4 OORJA Incubis Consultants Amit Gulati
5 UDAAN Incubis Consultants Amit Gulati
6 COLLECTIVE CANOPY Jonathan Baker Architect Jonathan Baker
7 THE KNOT Midori Architects Suraksha Acharya
8 BANYAN Padauk Design Studio Mohammad Ziyadh

Mohammad Jasim

9 THE YAAN Shadowlight Architects Suresh Babu
10 BILLION IMPRESSIONS An Independent Collaboration Namdev Talluru

Jayakanth J K

11 CHATURANGA Swapnil Jaggi Architects Swapnil Jaggi
12 WINGS OF FIRE Yali Art Lab Venkatesh RY

Siddarth PT