NRN Aerospace System Joins Spell Bee League Hive as Presenting Partner


Bangalore: Spell Bee League is all set to take your child’s dream of getting into aviation industry a notch higher. Want to know how? Spell Bee League has recently joined hands with NRN Aerospace Systems Private Limited who is coming on board a presenting partner. Aeromodelling is the fastest growing educational hobby amongst Schools and Colleges as kids this days have a greater passion to get educated and equip with aviation skills. NRN has carved a niche and is a known name as a seasoned aeromodeller, They also conduct workshops where they provide kits and accessories along with technical and theoretical sessions for aeromodelling. After joining Spell Bee Hive the team is aiming at giving benefits such as practical applications of science concept improves hand-eye coordination, a pathway to the aerospace sector, encourages team-work and improves leadership skills.

“We at NRN are glad to make awareness about the aero models in today’s generation kids. In this world full of computer games and digital age we are happy in re-creating buzz for this classic way of enjoying childhood filled with experiential and recreational activities. Here our main motto would be to make today’s kids understand that how pre-computerized generation kids used to enjoy their gala time and give trick and tips related to aviation,” said Adarsh Kumar CMO, NRN Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

“The uniqueness of spell bee league also lies in the fact that it is going to be an experience where children will learn about humility and spirit of giving. We are also opening our completion to the students from schools at underprivileged sectors which cannot afford to participate in such competition. Along with this we are also bringing out childhood safety awareness and elements of kindness and keeping animals safe through our associations and exercises.” says Co-founder Madhu HS, Spell Bee League.

“We at NRN are aiming at being world leader in providing high-performance lightweight materials for Aerospace, Defence and space applications via our passion and capabilities to replace virgin carbon fibre with recycled carbon fibre and to make it environmentally feasible and Green plant in APAC region,” said Narasimha Sharma Narayanam Founder & CEO, NRN Aerospace Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“Parents and the Educational institution will be introduced to few more innovative contests like Bee Blog a creative writing contest, Bee Hive a unique talent showcasing platform leading up to program days,” added Sowjanya BadariNarayan one of the Director of Spell Bee League.

Along with NRN Aerospace, the initiative is supported by many other national and international partners brands such as Smart Kidz Club USA, Kydz Adda, School Travel App, Sanrakshan Pvt. Ltd. Singapore faith foundation, people for animals Bangalore, Compassionate Clowns and many more.