NSUT’s ENACTUS presents a Unique opportunity for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


New Delhi:. Aspire is a platform for student entrepreneurs throughout the country to interact and compete with each other as well as meet some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs. This Social Entrepreneurship Convention brought with it the most diverse series of events which aimed at developing business, analytical and entrepreneurial skills without compromising the
fun aspects of a college event – Samadhan – The Social Case Event, Social B-Plan – The Social Business Plan Event, RannNiti – The Strategy Event, Keep It Reel – The Informal Event, Yukti – The Policy Case Study along with other fun activities.

The Grand Entrepreneurship Convention presented an impressive Speaker Session in which founders, CEOs and CFOs of emerging start-ups gathered to educate students from various colleges, about social entrepreneurship and the numerous other problems a budding entrepreneur faces in his/her career. The line-up for the speaker session included famous social entrepreneurs such as Joy Sharma, Sahil Aggarwal, Shailesh Gupta, and Sharad Sagar, who have done an excellent job by inspiring all those aspiring entrepreneurs.

ENACTUS incorporates college youth with entrepreneurial skills who develop business models with inherent socio-economic and environmental factors. It is aimed at being a unique platform for young, dynamic and promising entrepreneurs to meet each other and interact with brilliant corporate and business minds. Enactus NSUT is a community of student leaders working towards development and implementation of technical skills combined with entrepreneurial knowledge, to make an impact in society. The Society’s motto is “We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial actions for others, thereby creating a better world for us all.”

The Enactus NSUT’s portfolio is full of achievements that reflect their wide capability to foster business sustainability. They’ve achieved following in the past years: Won Enactus Blue Dart Empowering Competition – 2017 for Project Umang, received a grant of Rs. 40,000,Won Mahindra Rise Special Grant Competition 201 7, received a grant of Rs.1 ,00,000 for Project Farm to Fork, Won Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership 201 3 for Project Aakriti, Won the KPMG Ethics Grant Competition’1 9 and received a grant of Rs 50,000 for Project Sanjivani and Project Drinking Water, Finalist at Enactus Unilever Special Competition 201 3.

They’ve infused the concept of entrepreneurship and incorporated it with social development to inspire the poor and help them become self-sustainable. The fact that they are applying theoretical ideas and business models practically is what sets them apart. Members work all year round to achieve results which include invaluable smiles to countless beneficiaries ‘ faces.

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